10785 Kalispell Commerce City

Buffalo Mesa Subdivision10785 kalispell commerce city from front yard exterior with bob gordon realtor written across top in black type
Status: Sold for Better Than Full Price !!
Square Footage:  3,438
HOA: $40/Month
Bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms up plus loft
Baths: 3, Powder on main plus 2 full baths up
Taxes: $4,112 in 2015
Schools: Brighton District 21J
Garage: 2+ car attached garage

10 Days to Contract, home sold for $5,000 over list price

Commerce City

The neat thing about this area is that it offers great transportation options to all of the Denver metro area.  I frequently took advantage of e-470 when showing this house.  I could drive from Boulder to the house in about 30 minutes.  On other occasions, I drove to Downtown Denver in about 25 minutes following a showing. And access to the airport was a breeze.  For the consumer seeking great value in terms of housing and easy access to DIA or Denver or points north, Commerce City offers some great options.

Listing Project

Some homes are just ready to go on the market.  This house was more of a project.  I worked closely with the owner, on a fixed budget and retired, to ensure she got top dollar with the least amount of time bringing in no rents to cover the house payment.  For all of this effort, I earned my sales commission and got this Buffalo Mesa home sold for better than list price. 

Job well done!  For me, this is a win-win when the client gets top dollar and I earn a fair commission.  Extra work sure, but no additional expenses for my client!

Bob Gordon Above and Beyond

This is definitely example of going above and beyond for my clients.  I see it this way, 10785 Kalispell is a beautiful home that had been a rental for a tad too long. It needed some TLC to be ready for the market.  My client would get the best price if the work was completed. The buyers would be excited to pay top dollar if the house shined.  To get to that win-win for everyone required investing some of my time and overseeing great people to bring this super home to the market.

Step 1 Get Updating Quotes

The first thing we did was getting a couple of painting quotes.  Paint can go a long ways towards improving a house.  This home had a very bizarre paint and texture scheme in the front hall. It felt more like entering a Game of Thrones set than a house – the walls stuck out with faux stones, painted silver.  We decided we couldn’t merely paint over. The texture would still show (feel) through.

So I got Doug and Joe into the house.Between the two of them, they demolished the entryway, right down to the studs.  Then we re-dry walled the space and brought in our paint expert.  We also painted several bedrooms and bathrooms.  There had, over the years, been a number of improvements to 10785 Kalispell that, to be honest, were not really making the house look better. 

Fresh Paint Delivers House Sale Results

So we got the color scheme under control.  Some rooms, although the colors were not ideal, the workmanship was okay.  So these spaces we left as-is.  After all, the seller was on a budget and we needed to get the house sold quickly once the tenants vacated, but not spend too much money at the same time. 

It was a race.  With the interior starting to take shape, we changed lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures. Again, an easy place to make a big improvement for a very low cost. I brought in a handyman and even hired his son to mow the lawn every week.  One of the best things to happen while working on this project was I met a new handyman.  Here’s how it happened:

I met this great handyman while selling 10785 Kalispell

I’m at the house one day and realize the sprinklers are not working and the yard is looking withered. So I drove around looking for a sprinkler guy.  It’s Spring, so I figure if I see someone in the yard, maybe that person can recommend someone or just help me.  In fact, I met this great guy. He owned his house and worked on air conditioners for a local municipality.  He was quite interested in some work on the side and quickly not only got my sprinklers working, but repaired an air conditioner and then did a ton of odd jobs in the house.

He even addressed most of the items on the punch list for the buyers during the Home Inspection Phase of the sales contract.

Drywall Paint Fixtures Increase Home Resale Value

In any event, it was a lot of working getting this house presentable.  Drywall, painting, cleaning, updating fixtures, lighting and then there was the carpeting.  This was really unique. For some reason, there was double pad installed.  Now, this might sound like a plus, but after experiencing it at 10785 Kalispell, please believe me when I say – “don’t ever do this!”

The floors felt squishy, not in a good way.  I sort of felt like I was on a boat and getting seasick, would be difficult to stand upright.  I have no idea how the renters had stayed so long on that carpeting.  Thought we needed new carpeting, but in the end we were able for a very reasonable fee to just remove the extra padding.  And lo and behold, the existing carpeting looked a lot better after the change. And it felt so much better as well.

10785 Kalispell sells for better than list price

So we did all of this plus exterior landscaping.  I was at the house a good deal making certain the work got done.  It paid off too.  We got multiple offers on the house the second weekend we were listed for sale. My client chose the best of the bunch and we closed without any hiccups. 


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