18 Steps To Sell Your Home For The Highest Price In The Shortest Time

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Hello, I’m Bob Gordon, Remax Realtor with 20 years experience. Sharing my suggestions here to achieve the highest price in the shortest time when selling your home. Based upon my years of experience in Boulder Colorado.  Thanks for visiting my blog today!  Questions? Contact Bob now!

  1. Curb appeal matters when it comes to getting and offer with the highest price in the shortest time. Make the most of your first impression. A beautiful lawn, fresh flowers at the front door, clutter free inviting porch and easy to operate lock box all make an excellent first impression on home buyers and their Realtor.  TIP: install an easy to operate lock set and paint the front door for the best first impression.  Remember, the goal is an offer for the highest price in the shortest time!
  2. clients and remax realtor bob gordon
    Clients say, “We got the highest price in the shortest time with multiple offers and an above list price contract with Remax Realtor Bob Gordon!”
    Investing a few hours with handyman pays off.  Fresh paint, new carpeting and clean, scoff free wood work only takes a little time and investment. And yet, these simple items can have a major impact on you receiving an offer for the highest price in the shortest time.   Handymen charge about $45/hour in the Boulder Colo area.  Looking for recommendations?  Try Eco Handyman or Mullen’s Handyman Services.
  3. Check the faucets!  Dripping water can rattle nerves. It is one of the easiest items to fix before showings start. Sure, you’ve lived with that little drip for years, but home buyers don’t want a home with a leak. 
  4. Doors and windows need to operate properly.  Sticking doors and windows will STICK OUT as concerns for home buyers.  Additionally, consider replacing windows with blown seals to make the best impression and get that highest price in the shortest time frame offer more quickly!
  5. Home safety impresses home buyers.  In your quest for the highest price in the shortest time frame, take a moment to rid your house of slippery floor rugs, excessive extension cords and low hanging lamps.  I’m six four; when I bump into lights, my clients get worried about low ceilings.  Slipping on pretty rugs scares buyers.  Sure – the house is “just the way you love it,” but make the home accessible for all.
  6. remodeled boulder colorado kitchen with ikea finishes
    Light bright and sparkling clean. And the counter tops are clutter free. All to make the best impression and achieve that highest price in the shortest time contract.
    Light, bright and open.  Consider de-cluttering some space and opening up your floor plan.
  7. Empty closets by at least 1/3 to 1/2.  Closets and storage make a BIG impression on home buyers.
  8. Bathrooms and Kitchens sell homes.  A good deal of National Association of Realtors surveys show that women are a leading factor in home buying decisions. Sparkling clean bathrooms impress female home buyers.  Make certain yours in tip top cleanliness and consider re-grouting tubs, having toilets snug (no rocking), even possibly a new solid surface counter top.  All of this makes a great first impression!
  9. Achieve your highest price in the shortest time with dream bedrooms. Remove excess furniture, consider making the beds for showings and have colorful bedspreads and matching accessories. Need ideas? Consider a Pinterest board or check out Houzz.
  10. Open up your home.  Getting the highest price in the shortest time means blinds open and lights on for every showing.  I always recommend having the windows professionally cleaned before showings take place to really let in the light.
  11. Two’s company, three’s a crowd.  Most home buyers prefer to view a home without the owner present.  Resist the temptation to be home and tell the perspective buyer about the amazing features.  Ideally, the home buyers will feel comfortable enough to hang out in your home and discuss a potential offer with their Realtor.  I’ve shown plenty of houses where the owner was around and the clients rushed off and then could not remember features of the home.
  12. flowers in home for sale in Boulder colorado
    A beautiful arrangement of flowers on the dining room table or colorful flower pot at the front door are touches that help sellers achieve their highest price in the shortest time possible when selling their house.
    Consider sending your four legged friends to pet camp or at the very least, crate/remove dogs and forewarn showing agents about pets.  Clean litter boxes frequently and clean the yard of any pet droppings.  Home buyers are likely to check out the yard!  I love my cat. I know how important pets are to families.  But not all home buyers love cats or dogs or what have you.  Keeping homes extra clean and seemingly pet-free can help achieve the highest price in the shortest time frame!
  13. Showing off whole house stereo systems is great; pick soft, low key music and keep the volume low.
  14. I see a lot of collections when showing homes.  And the buyers notice these as well. It is best to De-personalize your home in order to achieve the best and highest price in the shortest time possible.  Besides, when you sell, you’ll need to pack up all your personal stuff, so consider this a head start on making your move.
  15. Every now and again, a home buyer might catch you at home.  No surprise, buyers and their agents may ask questions about your move, motivation, even the bottom line.  Its best to defer to your listing agent or Bob Gordon.  Good agents negotiate on a regular basis when it comes to getting seller clients top dollar.
  16. Help me sell your home.  The easier it is to set a showing, the more potential home buyers we can have inside your home and the sooner we’ll receive that highest price in the shortest time offer.  Following the showing, I always request feedback and will share it with you via email in a timely manner.
  17. Stay available.  You don’t have to come into the office these days to get your home sold, but do stay available.  I use voice mail, text messaging, email and even social media to stay in touch.  When we receive an offer, we can use electronic signatures to quickly accept, counter  or otherwise negotiate offers.  The most important thing is, stay available. Even if you don’t like the initial offer, it is important to be reachable so we can counter for the terms you want and achieve the goal of the highest price in the shortest time sale!
  18. Be ready.  Be ready to allow a showing on short notice or discuss an offer in the evening.  When buyers get excited about your home, they will want to make a deal quickly.  Part of the process of getting our highest price in the shortest time is being available to showings and negotiations.  I’m committed to being available to you!  By working together, you’ll appreciate the results.

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  1. Thanks for recommending Eco Handyman, Bob. You’ve made some outstanding suggestions here. I agree that simple things like fresh paint and new carpet can have a profound effect on your home’s value. Minor upgrades to the kitchen or bathrooms will do the trick, too!


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