2016 Defines Your home sold fast

Let’s Get Your Home Sold Fast

This is the market to do it.  Are you ready to get your house on the market, net top dollar and experience a lightening fast sales process?   A number of factors are aligning.  Tight inventory of existing homes for sale and a lack of needed new construction.  The lack of housing will definitely contribute to your home sold fast.

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Low interest rates give buyers incentive to act.  And home buyers are getting amazing home mortgage rates at the moment.   And did I mention that Colorado is suddenly quite popular?  The secret is out, we have great weather, a wonderful economy, legal something or other and how about that incredible view along The Front Range.  It all adds up to Colorado is a great place to call home!

Marketing And Communication

To get your house sold fast, I’m going to use the best photography, home staging, print and digital marketing.  You have one opportunity to have your house new on the market and make a stunning impression on the pool of active buyers viewing Boulder homes for sale.  So my job is to do the best for you – even in a hot market.  And then to follow up with regular, consistent communication to keep you informed throughout the listing and contract process.  And next thing you know, you’ll have your home sold fast!

May Weak Job Growth Improves Rates

Falling more than 75% below expectations, US job growth in May of 2016 was a measly 38,000 jobs.  Over one hundred and sixty thousand had been the consensus.  This weak data immediately contributed to investor fear and likely pushes off any change in rates by the Federal Reserve. Bad economic news is good for home mortgage rates, and low rates bodes well that your home sold fast is likely in today’s market.

The Fed meets on the 15th this week, but an increase in the Fed rate is not expected.  Guess we’ll see in a couple of days.  Meanwhile, the poor jobs news is adding up to good news for home buyers.  Interest rates are phenomenal; this is an excellent time to get an inexpensive mortgage payment.

Boulder Median Home Price Exceeds $1,000,000

Just a few years ago, it felt as though median home prices were more like a half a million.  And at the time, that seemed high.  Now, amidst shrinking inventory and ever increasing demand,where it is likely your home sold fast as soon as you list it, median prices have spiked to $1,095,000.  That’s pretty tremendous when you consider Boulder includes plenty of houses built just after WW II such as Martin Acres and Baseline Sub.

While the median house price is accelerating, one other statistic to keep an eye on: home price reductions.  Currently, we are seeing 26% of the inventory taking a reduction in price (this is across all of Boulder, all categories, as reported by First American Title Company).

Days On Market Measured In Seconds

That’s a bit of an exaggeration.  When the neighbor’s house, and then your home sold fast, and then the next one on the market all sold quickly, it begins to make the average days on market for a property go by exceeding quickly.  In the Denver metro area (excluding Boulder), we are seeing town homes and condos enter, sell and exit the marketplace in 18 days.  That is fast!

graph shows your home sold fast if it was a town house or condo and listed in 2016 - just 18 daysSavvy home buyers are discovering, homes come on the market midweek, showings are over the weekend, and then you need to have your highest and best offer ready as quickly as possible.  I’ve had great success helping clients win in this crazy marketplace while not having the highest or best offer.  Curious how I achieve my success? Call me today 303-443-3334.

Want Your Home Sold Fast In 2016 For Top Dollar?

Here is an excellent graph, courtesy of the real estate board that highlights average home prices in various counties making up the Denver metro area.  Owners today can expect a quick sale at a truly solid sales price.  I can prepare a Comparable Market Analysis for you to help you price your house for sale in today’s fast paced market.  Statewide, average days on market shortened 11.7% in April 2016.average county prices

Out Of Boulder Area Real Estate

Living in another portion of Colorado?  Seeking professional assistance in the High Country?  I can refer you to a Real Estate professional around the state and country.  Here is a helpful map that shows the various real estate boards serving the State of Colorado.

map of all the colorado board of realtorsRecommended Boulder Real Estate News Posts


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