2016 Yesteryear Farm Show

Dougherty Museum Hosts Annual Festival

Out on the east side of Boulder County you’ll find the beloved 2016 Yesteryear Farm Show at 8306 N. 107th Street, Longmont Colorado 80504.   Most of the time, this lonely looking concrete building quietly holds an assortment of antique vehicles and farm gear from Boulder’s past.  This weekend, the grounds come alive with the sights and sounds of years gone by.

yesteryear farm show tractors

The Single Cylinder Engine Drives The American Farm

During the early 1900’s, the one cylinder engine powered American farms.  Electricity was not yet widely available.   If you were looking for a Farmhouse Boulder County home for sale back in the day, you would have several of these small engines to run your farm.  These engines operated washing machines, feed grinders, corn silo fillers, saws, pumps and more devices.

The festival has dozens of examples of these engines on display, frequently with some running!

Boulder Farm Tractors And Much More

Just about any device that was used on a farm will be on display as part of the this year’s Yesteryear Farm Show.   One of my favorites is the display of antique farm tractors.  These come in all colors.  That may seem funny, that I mention it, but I’ve grown up in the era John Deer (green) and Caterpillar (yellow).  Machines of today tend to be one of two colors.  Visit our heritage farm program and you discover red, blue and orange tractors.

Before gas fired engines, farmers turned to steam engines.  These beasts are fascinating.  The size needed to fire (pun intended) a steam engine, and the inefficiency of early models creates massive farm machines that did very little.  And yet, it was so much more than could be achieved by hand at the time.

Guests to this year’s throwback farm fest will be treated to demonstrations of some of this yesteryear gear.

realtor bob gordon in antique automobile
Realtor Bob Gordon attempts to drive an antique car

2016 Yesteryear Farm Show Demonstrations

Check out some of myriad demos taking place at this year’s yesteryear Farm Show.  In past year’s there have been demonstrations of

  • steam engines
  • antique tractors
  • stationary engines aka single cylinder engines
  • Baling
  • live music from old-timey musicians

Yesteryear 2016 FAQ

  1. When does the festival run? Friday August 26th to Sunday August 28th.
  2. What are the hours of the event? 9 am to 8:30 pm according to the official website.  Exhibitors can leave at anytime, so I would expect things to wind down earlier on Sunday.
  3. Where is the Yesteryear Farm Show held?  Since 2007, the event has been held at the Dougherty museum along Hwy 287 between Lafayette and Longmont.  Using GPS? The address is 8306 N. 107th.
  4. How much does it cost? The event is free and open to the public.  Bring cash for food vendors and souvenirs.   Donations appreciated.

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brass era automobile dougherty museum
Check out the Dougherty Museum, home to the 2016 Yesteryear Farm Show, to see great examples of vehicles from the “Brass Era” of automobile

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