2019 FHA Loan Limits Improve

2019 FHA loan limits are improving nationwide, with increases in 3,000 counties. Higher rates are good news for buyers and sellers.

Above all else, it is a reflection of the increased home values (for sellers) and will make it more practical for first time home buyers getting into the market. Contact me now to get housing and mortgage information!

Just last month, conventional conforming mortgage loan limits were increased. In Boulder, the new limit is $626,750. For Denver, conforming conventional loans are now $561,200 and under.

hand placing coins illustrating the 2019 fha loan limits increase for amount you can finance

While the base limit for FHA is $314,827, a bunch of Colorado counties are in the high cost category – with higher limits. It’s the good news/bad news side of Colorado being a very popular state with a strong economy.

Find Your 2019 FHA Loan Limits

Following are the new 2019 FHA loan limits for counties near Boulder. On the other hand, you can also visit the very easy to use official HUD.gov website. Plug in your county and/or state and immediately find the 2019 FHA loan limits for where you need a mortgage!

Subsequently, expect well informed home buyers to leap into action in the earlier portion of the year to maximize lending opportunities (and the lower than expected rates).

Boulder County

Note: these are the 2019 FHA loan limits, effective on the 1st of the new year.

  • One Family: $626,750 (was $578,450)
  • Two Family: $802,350 (was $740,500)
  • Three Family: $969,850 (was $895,100)
  • Four Family: $1,205,300 (was $1,112,400 )

Denver County

  • One Family: $561,200 (was $529,000)
  • Two Family: $718,450 (was $677.200)
  • Three Family: $868,400 (was $818,600)
  • Four Family: $1,079,250 (was $1,017,300)

Larimer County

  • One Family: $437,000 (was $402,500)
  • Two Family: $559,450 (was $515,250)
  • Three Family: $676,200 (was $622,850)
  • Four Family: $804,400 (was $774,050)

Weld County

  • One Family: $385, 250 (was $358,800)
  • Two Family: $493,200 (was $459,300)
  • Three Family: $596,150 (was $555,200)
  • Four Family: $740,850 (was $690,000)

When you consider the range of FHA’s mortgage amounts, Boulder falls into the top tier. Nationally the limit “floor” and “ceiling” (one-unit property) are $314,827 and $726,525, respectively for 2019.

2019 fha loan limits and conventional limits county by county in colorado

Last thought, an insider’s tip. Home buyers in the beginning of the year will get more bang for their buck from these increased limits. That is to say, as the year progresses, the 2019 FHA loan limits will likely fail to keep pace with median and average home price gains.

As a result, buying earlier in the year gives you greater purchasing power with a low money down option for high cost homes!

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