5th Graders Ski Free

Colorado Is A Mountain State

So of course, you think of all the fun and exciting things you can do in the mountains.  Hiking, mountain biking and skiing quickly come to mind to name a few.  Did you know that Colorado 5th graders ski free?  Believe it or not, its a fact. With big mountains, plenty of snow and bright blue skies, Colorado is a great place to ski.

I actually grew up in Ohio, but made my way out to Colorado to enjoy the skiing.  I don’t think there is an Ohio 5th graders ski free program.  Then again, there aren’t many ski slopes either.   Still, big kudos to my Dad for getting my brother and I on the ski slopes.  It has been a lifelong love of mine to ski.

Colorado 5th Graders Ski Free

The best way to take advantage of this wonderful winter wonderland? Get your Fifth Grade Passport.  What do you need? A fifth grader is paramount; a sixth grader qualifies too with an additional (small) fee.  The passports are issued through Colorado Ski.  Check out the official website for details in 2014-15.

A Quarter Million Free Ski Visits

Believe it or not, the 5th Grade Passport is no myth.  Colorado 5th Graders ski free.  So far, over 250,000 kids have taken advantage of this great program.  It is simple to sign up and a great way to get your child interested in a fantastic lifelong sport.

My own son, Bear, loved using his passport. The pass came with excellent deals for me as well and we skied all over Colorado that year. The following year, we paid $99 for the Sixth Grade passport.  Of course, the following year was also the year my son decided skis were out of date and he started snow boarding. But that’s another story.

5th Grade Passport Details

Any fifth grader living in Colorado qualifies for the program.  Check out the website at www.ColoradoSki.com/passport for more details.

Best Ski Day Ever

My favorite day skiing with my son, using his fifth grade passport, was a powder day at Vail.   I had Bear cutting fresh tracks all morning in the bowls.  We would look uphill and see adults following the virgin tracks Bear had created.  It was a great day of skiing – blue skies, knee deep powder, and cheap tickets.  What more can you ask for on a Powder Day in Colorado?

Zea, Bob and Bear, atop Vail, having a ski day
Ski Day, Vail, Colorado

Pictured above: Zea (nephew), myself, my son Bear.  The kids are no longer little, but we loved it when we got say we were part of the 5th graders ski free scene.  Below hitting the slopes at Breckenridge with a client.

skiing Breckenridge Colorado with a buddy
Client and ski partner Brodie. It is a great day for a Breckenridge ski day – off !!


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