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The Best Realtors Sell for sale by owner homes

When I’m helping a client find the perfect home, I’m considering all the homes out there.  Many of these will be listed for sale with a Realtor.  Sometimes the right place might not even be on the market yet.  And still over days, it involves making an offer on a FSBO.  The fact is, I help clients buy for sale by owner homes.

I think many owners want to give this type of sale a go.  Why not?  Perhaps the seller is great at her own career and feels she can handle any type of sales.  Or maybe he wants to save the commission.   Or simply it is the idea of getting into the business.  There are many reasons owners give for sale by owner homes selling a chance.

Realtor Bob Gordon Trusted Advisor

Whenever I get the opportunity to meet directly with a new client, even someone selling their own home, I give it my all.

When meeting with a for sale by owner Boulder prospect, I’m going to prepare for the meeting as their trusted professional and advisor.   It’s my mission to deliver expert advice.  And according to NAR, the National Association of Realtors, very few FSBO sales pan out.  Most wind up using an agent.

Risks Abound For Sellers

Risk.  It’s part of the landscape for sale by owner homes face when selling on their own.  One risk – having strangers in your property.   This is inherently different than the situation a seller faces when working with a Realtor.  Boulder area Realtors have a system for checking the identity of agents showing a property.   Owners are encouraged to not be home, for myriad reasons.  But, a FSBO seller might actually be present to show their home.  The risk here is your average seller does not have a system to ensure the showing party is really who they say they are.

Contracts can also be a challenge.   One story that comes to mind is of a rookie agent that elected to sell his home on his own – as a for sale by owner homes sale.  This fellow thought he had it all figured out.  He had taken all the classes and was ready to save big on the commissions by handling his very first sale on his own.

 During my career – I’ve been licensed since 1995 in Colorado – I’ve helped clients buy for sale by owner homes as well as wound up listing these types of properties and gotten them sold for sellers!
Unfortunately, his lack of understanding of the contract process resulted in his taking a far lower purchase price than intended.   My client benefited from the transaction, getting a great home at an amazing price.  I think owners, with no training in real estate contracts are at even greater risk of making a costly mistake.

Realtor Representation

Owners in a FSBO or  for sale by owner homes seller, want to remember the agent helping a buyer purchase their house is professionally trained.   That agent will have a contractual obligation to seek the best terms for the buyer, not the seller.   Although the agent may do all the contracts, order the title, find the HOA documents, make the sale happen, that agent  is not representing the for sale by owner homes person.  That agent is actively working to get the best value for his or her client: the home buyer.
Again, there is plenty of room here for a seller to make an error: under pricing, misunderstanding the contract, failing to report a previously existing condition of the house that is a material defect (and later having issues post closing for the failure to disclose).
For Sale by Owner Boulder folks need to keep in mind, agents are going to be cautious as well.  You can’t expect expert advice from the agent.  In fact, you should expect no advice whatsoever.  That’s the risk with selling on your own.  For myself, I try in these situations to keep it friendly and nice and general.   I’ll provide practical and safety related tips and information only.

Helping Owners Sell By Owner

As a Boulder Realtor, my job is listing houses for sale.  From time to time, I meet with clients contemplating a FSBO scenario.  If this is your plan, I’m going to start with my same process.  I’m going to ask questions, Listen to you and then plan different ways in which I can assist you in the process.  

I’m going to show up, on time and view your house.  I’ll bring a serious well prepared evaluation and I’ll ask you to sign a contract with me and get to work.  If you are still focused on selling FSBO, then …

I can recommend where to find all the contracts, purchase a sign, get photography, and market your house.  I think this route puts you at undue risk. My goal? If your for sale on your own strategy comes up short, I hope you you’ll give me a phone call and 2nd chance.

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The Allure of Selling Yourself

It can be alluring, the thought of saving thousands of dollars in commissions.   Go online and you are bound to find plenty of tips for selling FSBO.  Plenty of success stories on various websites.  But you don’t get the full picture.  Owners are not going to share their Fails.  There are no negative reviews from owners who screwed up.   For sale by owner homes that run into problems – or worse – costly seller errors simply don’t make the internet.  But as an agent, I do hear the stories, of owners that tried to sell on their own and such and such Realtor’s client got an amazing deal.

There are risks associated with selling by owner, and all sorts of legal ramifications of a sales contract.

She Wants To List, He Wants To Save Commission

That’s what is sounds like at least.  I got a call today from a woman who wants to talk to me about listing her house. Problem is her husband wants to sell for sale by owner (FSBO).  Selling FSBO or listing with agent comes up from time to time.  After all, saving that commission could make a big difference financially.  And what do Realtors bring to the table?   So, like I say, I got this phone call.

As the conversation goes on, he thinks selling now makes good financial sense. I ask, “where will you buy next.”  They have not given this a great deal of thought.  They know they require a yard for the kids and dog.  And more space is important.  Can’t they just sell by owner and then find a replacement house?  I tell them they could, but the risk, in today’s market is they will not have a replacement home under contract by the time they sell.  They could wind up renting for a few years.

How do you handle the pressure of a FSBO sale after finding your next house? Would an average seller take a contract contingent upon a house that needs to be sold by the owner? Probably not.   Selling on your own could cost you your next house.  Seems like a big risk in today’s market, with interest rates on the rise.

Giving the most real estate advice

Of course, my goal is to list homes for sale, I’m a Realtor!.  But sometimes, that just doesn’t happen.  If that’s the case, I’m going to be the best resource I can to the for sale by owner homes eller.  I’ll share what inside tips I can.  I’m going to work to build a relationship.   Giving value and being open to questions.   Maybe I’ll get to refer a connection in the market where they are moving to.  I go with my heart.  

There is every opportunity that later, the owner will turn to me for my services.  That’s my hope and goal, that I can show I’m someone to be cherished and trusted on their behalf.  I try to be the best in every opportunity. 

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