Americas Top Cities Dominated By Denver

Denver Tops The List of Americas Top Cities

Should come as no surprise that according to a recent article Denver is one of the most desirable places to live right now, topping Americas top cities list.    According to the article the capital of Colorado is the top migration center in the nation.

And this is a title Denver has earned and continued to hold over time. And why not? We have a plethora of amazing sports teams.  Year round three hundred plus days of sunshine – can you imagine that where you live?  

Every outdoor activity known to mankind.  Cycling, golf, mountain climbing, skiing.  And weather that lets you do all of those activities on the very same day.  

Move Settle Buy Next

baby and jonathan and laura clients that followed my boulder first home buyer tips and just closed on their new house
First time home buyer clients Realtor Bob Gordon assisted in Denver Colorado when they tired of paying high rents.

The article states many rent just long enough to learn the area, before becoming home owners.  The reason being the exorbitant cost of rent.  An average two bedroom rental is fetching $1,352.  I would hazard a guess that is probably for a one bathroom and limited parking (i.e. off street or only one designated space).   Renting along the Front Range can be challenging to young people just moving into the area.  It is much more expensive here than say, Orlando Florida which the article bills as a spot people are fleeing.

In any event, a good number of young people move to the area, get settled and then purchase a home.  With more and more people relocating to the area, it makes good financial sense to buy into this real estate market and start gaining equity.  And home mortgage rates remain super low, under 4% as I jot this blog.

Local Versus National 

But I have to take issue with the article as well.  And this reminds me to mention – real estate is hyper local. 

The author of the article suggests recently relocated Coloradans are turning to smaller cities for home purchases – such as Boulder.  Well, Boulder Colorado is smaller than Denver — Erica Sweeney got that part right.  But price-wise, Boulder outstrips Denver in a heartbeat.

The median home price in Boulder is tad north of a million bucks.   And inventory is very tight several years running now.

Permanently Affordable Program Grown From Skyrocketing Home Prices

Housing can be so shockingly expensive here that it should be no surprise we have a city-mandated Permanently Affordable Program.  The PA program critically assists would-be home owners seeking a place within reach.   Boulder is certainly not a city people turn to in order to find affordable homes when moving from Denver. It is more the reverse in fact. 

Plenty of would-be Boulder Colorado home owners buy in Denver to find affordable places to call home.  

Having A Local Real Estate Agent Pays For Itself

This is reflective of why it is so important to have a local agent – someone who really knows the market to best assist you.  Moreover, much of the Front Range continues to experience a Sellers Market.  Meaning a home buyer can run into multiple offers, frequently for better than full price.  Knowing how to navigate this common occurrence can make the difference between buying your dream home and watching someone else move into it!

I have proven strategies to win in a multiple offer scenario, sometimes without having the highest or best offer!  Give me a shout to discuss your home buying needs today. 

Runners at the Denver Color Run
Here we are (Bob is on the far right) near the museum district in one of America’s top Cities: Denver, Colorado.  About to do the fun (if messy) Color Run!

Tech Hubs

Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Denver are strong tech hubs.  Compared to places like LA and San Francisco, the cost of living is much more affordable here.  So while home prices can be shocking compared to, “back home,” young tech workers love Boulder for its relative affordability compared to, say, Silicon Valley. 

Meanwhile, back in Orlando, a city young people are fleeing, rental prices remain high and most of the jobs are centered on low wage tourism opportunities.  For the Florida crowd really looking to stay in the area, Saratoga, Miami and Tampa are the big draws. 

Side Note: Boulder has a thriving tourism scene.  Read up on it with this economic review I did awhile back.

Americas Top Cities

  1. Denver, Colorado
  2. Baltimore, Maryland
  3. San Diego, California
  4. Tampa, Florida
  5. San Francisco, California
  6. Boston, Massachusetts
  7. Seattle, Washington
  8. Charlotte, North Carolina
  9. Houston, Texas
  10. St. Louis, Missouri (Go Chiefs) 
bear and bob attending home game at americas top cities denver broncos
When not out selling homes, I’m a big fan of the Denver Broncos. Probably the best known sports franchise in this top American city.

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