snow day picture of an older tri level house with plenty of examples of new gagets in homes such as a ring door bell and wi fi enabled features

New Gadgets In Homes

Video Door Stations So the other day I dropped off some “Boo baskets” for neighbors. I’m in a newer subdivision, just constructed over the last handful of years. There are … Read more

local realtor bob gordon picutured as he drops ballot and get out the vote in 2020


It doesn’t really matter who your candidate is, now is the time to get out the vote. One party says, vote like your life depends upon it. Another party says … Read more

the lefthand canyon fire pictured from lake valley estates is whats happening now in boulder co

What’s Happening Today

Wild Fires Ravaging Colorado The big news has to be the fires raging around Boulder county. We are experiencing heretofore unseen levels of wild fires. Entire subdivisions and towns have … Read more