Azmeh Talha interns for Bob Gordon

Who Is Azmeh Talha?

Azmeh Talha is a current senior at Ohio Wesleyan University originally from Lahore, Pakistan. She is pursuing a degree in journalism and business.

College In Ohio

While applying to colleges in the States, Azmeh’s focus was on liberal arts colleges. Her cousin graduated from OWU in ’07 and spoke very highly of the institution. Her respect for Ohio Wesleyan University was enough to persuade her to commit.

Studying at a prestigious college like OWU provided Azmeh Talha the opportunity to take a plethora of courses that she would not have taken otherwise. Some examples are theatre, zoology, geology and some fun workout courses such as yoga and POUND, an interesting workout class that required hitting the ground with plastic drumsticks.

Azmeh Talha pictured in front of the recently renovated Merrick Hall

Apart from academics, Azmeh has held editorial positions with the Transcript, OWU’s student run paper and worked on campus in the office of admissions and as the house manager of the theater. Being a Bishop has been a wonderful experience for her. In fact, she found it to be too short.

Next Stop: Graduation

For her final semester, Azmeh wanted to do an internship before graduating. She was connected with Bob Gordon ’88 through a friend who spoke highly of him. She sent an introductory email which led to a zoom call. The two talked about changes on campus that took place over the last four years. One major change was about Bob’s fraternity, Chi Phi. Chi Phi will move out of their off campus house and move in on OWU’s residential side this coming fall.

By the end of the call, Bob was kind enough to hire Azmeh as an intern until she graduates in May. The internship includes blog writing, video editing, social media management along with some warm calls to some of Bob’s clients.

Internship Goals

Through this internship, Azmeh aims to further enhance her skills. Especially video editing and making professional phone calls. Considering the ever growing technologically advanced world we live in today, the ability to edit videos articulately will benefit Azmeh Talha in the future. Also, being able to talk to people comfortably and professionally over the phone is an ageless skill. It is integral to be able to talk to different types of people and warm calls are a great way to practice.

By writing content for the Boulder Real Estate News website and social media accounts, Azmeh Talhea can better improve both her professional and creative writing skills.

As mentioned earlier, one of her favorite aspects about college was broadening her knowledge on different topics. By interning with Bob Gordon, she will expand her knowledge about the residential real estate business. Real estate is essential because everyone needs a place to live. Who better to learn from than a well-established Realtor! Azmeh is looking forward to learning more about real estate, housing appreciation/depreciation, the impact it has on real estate markets, how a walk-through works and what goes into lease agreements.

Azmeh Talha is very grateful for this opportunity and is ready to apply her skills when working with Bob along with acquiring new, important skills through this internship. She is actually the third Wesleyan student following Angie Munroe and Aiden Stout to work at the Boulder Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices office.


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