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A Conversation With An Architect

BAS1S Architecture designed this kitchen remodel in Prospect, Longmont Colorado

A big thank you to Steve Lane, AIA, principal architect at BAS1S Architecture for sitting down with me and talking about his company, his vision and what drives him. Quickly, I get the sense that family and community are incredibly important to Steve.

For nearly a decade, Steve designed Habitat For Humanity homes pro bono.  His final design incorporated aspects of HERS energy efficiency.  HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System.  In Boulder, all new construction homes are required to meet strict energy guidelines.  HERS offers a good energy model to achieve this goal.

Personal Vignette

Steve Lane, principal architect at Bas1s Architecture
Steve Lane, principal architect at Bas1s Architecture

Steve shared a great story with me.  The owner called with a furnace problem. They couldn’t get the heat to go over 68 degrees for several weeks. It turned out, the furnace had stopped working 3 weeks prior, but due to the appreciation for HERS design, the home was staying at 68 degrees. This in the winter, in Estes Park.  That is one well insulated well built Habit For Humanity home.

Boulder County And HERS

Not all architects in Boulder Colorado are HERS certified.  When considering energy efficiency, a baseline of 100 is considered merely code compliant for a Boulder home.  The goal is to create living spaces that are forty percent more efficient.

Night time view of a BAS1S Architecture designed home.
Night time view of a BAS1S Architecture designed home.

Depending on the size of the house, a score in the low 50’s is the target on the sliding scale.  Steve Lane is HERS certified.  Site orientation, the number of north facing versus south facing windows, insulation and materials can all play into the final energy efficiency of the home.

BAS1S Architecture Asks How You Live, Then Designs

Frequently, when planning a home, the future owner thinks, “I want this feature or that.”  Steve Lane likes to ask, “how do live in your space? Are you a morning person? Will you truly cook in your kitchen or just entertain?”  Understanding how you will utilize the space can help create your vision.  For instance, BAS1S Architecture designed the Solstice House.  On the week of the summer solstice, as the sun rose it would shine through the back door, down the hall and out the front door.  Pretty cool, huh!



Using locally sourced materials such as timber in the mountains, paired with natural materials such as steel and stone can create a vibrant experience.  Five different materials is about the limit that BAS1S Architecture suggests working with.  Too many, and the space can feel directionless.  The objective is harmony, function, less steps and more enjoyment for your space.  In another kitchen design, Mr. Lane’s client loved cooking. Having a prep area centered between the range to one side and a prep sink to the other created a wonderful ability to stand still and get cooking done fast.

bas1s-architecture-4When you sit down with BAS1S Architecture out of Longmont, Colorado, expect to hear questions.   This is an opportunity for architect to understand how you want to utilize the space.  You may even want to spend time on an undeveloped lot to understand where the sun rises and sets.  I joke – my cat can tell you where the sun will be at any hour in my house.  If building from a clean slate, knowing where the light will be can really influence a design and home’s orientation.


Here it is best to ask the architect directly.  Contact Steve Lane at 970-586-9140.  But in general, the firm charges around five dollars per finished square foot for big picture design.  This would generally include a floor plan, exterior and building finishes.  For specific design of interior spaces, BAS1S Architecture frequently charges by the hour or on a consultation basis.

My Take Away!

Gorgeous Kitchen is functional and beautiful

Whether constructing commercial, residential or doing Pro Bono work for a charitable organization like Habitat For Humanity, BAS1S Architecture’s visions and mission are bright.  Each project has the hallmarks of high quality workmanship, a professional understanding and immersion of HERS engineering.   Peek-a-boo views are delightful: so site-orientation is key. A fundamental understanding of where the sun shines is an important quality this architect brings to every project.   Following the light is a great way to warm a home – figuratively and literally.

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