Beacon Hill Subdivision Of The Day

Two hundred and fifty eight homes built in the early 1980’s. Today, wide curvy streets with low traffic and tall trees. There is a wonderful park with a secret playground and a popular sledding hill for youngsters. Check out a recent listing on Brome Place for an idea of what some homes offer.

Happy Holidays from Beacon Hill on a crisp winter’s evening.

You’ll find a plethora of layouts in the community. What really stands out though are all the gorgeous evergreen trees and the wide curvy streets that slowly meander about. Too many of today’s more recent subdivisions can feel boxy. The Beacon Hill neighborhood smashes that concept. Roads lazily bend and loop.

Popular sledding hill in Autum Ash Park

On the day I visit the park, the snow is packed with little boot prints heading uphill and sled lines downhill. This is definitely a fun spot for younger kids to enjoy sledding or practice snow boarding skills before a trip to the ski resort. Don’t forget – 5th Graders ski free in Colorado!

Autumn Ash playground. Looks like a lot of fun.

While shooting pictures today, I had a great conversation with some parents (their little kiddo is out of sight in the photos). They told me Beacon Hill is the sight of the third (and final) home they’ve purchased.

They started in a wonderful, but rental townhome in Boulder. By 2009 they were ready to own, but the market had sped away from them. So they opted for Lafayette. They started in Old Town, but decided with the arrival of kids that turn of the century charmer was too much work. Now, settled in here, they love their block, the neighbors and overall community.

Sometimes they think of this as the Secret Park. That’s because frequently they have this play space to themselves. In the summertime, big trees provide lots of welcome cooling shade.

Look closely to the far left, and you can make out a speaking tube. There is another speaking tube above the climbing slide with the bumps – just right of center. Kids love passing messages back and forth.

Gently curving streets abound in Lafayette’s Beacon Hill subdivision.
Really big trees !!

Trees. I grew up climbing them in the backyard. My brother and I each our favorite tree to climb. This is a neighborhood where kiddos can definitely climb trees. I also enjoy that so many of the trees and shrubs are evergreen. From a Boulder Realtor prospective, this isn’t a feature you usually find such an affordable community.

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