Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Network

Warren Buffet has created a world class real estate network. The Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices company operates in the United States and around the world. Locally, you can find us here in Boulder at 4710 Table Mesa Drive, 80305. We are a part of the top performing Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Rocky Mountain Realtors.

Find Your So Cal BHHS Connection

Seeking a home in Southern California? BHHS California Properties is your go-to resource. Check out this link to find some beautiful homes. Why not? Its fun to see what $75,000,000 to $85,000,000 buys these days! Opulent comes to mind. When looking at what you get for tens of millions of dollars in the Southern California real estate market. Sure makes Boulder Colorado look like affordable!

International Growth Outside Toronto Canada

BHHS just announced the addition of all star Rob Raham in the Oakville real estate market. I love how our company continues to recruit the best of the best to be one of largest, most caring real estate firms in the world. The Boulder BHHS office was the new kid on the block just a few years back when it was absorbed from the Prudential network.

Reading Rail Road Not Just Monopoly

Hitting the radar today is a new affordable listing out in Reading. This Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices listing is very affordable, coming in under a quarter million. If you are seeking a great agent in another marketplace, be sure to contact Realtor Bob Gordon in Boulder, CO to help you find the perfect agent. The BHHS real estate network offers connections throughout the developed world – and then some!

BTW, check out the photos on that listing for an ‘Old School real estate trick. The driveway was watered prior to photography so it would show with a deeper dark tone of black vs its true daylight washed out grey. Seeking a different railroad to round out your monopoly? Try BHHS The Preferred Realty in Moon Township!

Wagon Wheels Keep On Turning

Well, keep on turning up in southern and western homes. Here’s a super affordable new listing to hit the market in Greenville South Carolina. The third photo in features a classic old wagon wheel on the wall. What amazes me is you can spend tens and tens of millions for a house in one market or a mere $164,000 in another and…it buys a house!

Coast to Coast BHHS Offices

Looking for a home in Kent, WA? Check oou the BHHS NW Office. Have a hankering to be on the water in Ocean City NJ? And who wouldn’t want to after watching MTV’s Snooki romp about in Jersey Shores! Personally, I never would have guessed you could find such a pretty Tudor style house in Kenosha. Really, I thought the place was all about baby clothing until the infamous rioting in the summer of 2020.

Here’s a Seattle based Berkshire outfit with a listing that reminds me of Longmont Colorado. The price, style, yard – very reminiscent of what’s out here! Too far north for you? What about Oregon? Great football state! Speaking of Longmont, this house looks like the old school part of town. Except for the price point. If you are thinking the Midwest is for you, why not something like this with a very affordable home price point!?

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services The World Over

Where ever you might find yourself landing, BHHS has operations the world over. Give me a shout to help connect you with the premier real estate firm in your new home town!

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