Best 2015 Boulder Holiday Lights

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Beautiful Boulder Lights Up At Christmastime

Are you looking to enjoy the holiday spirit? Well I have below a written map of all the best destinations for Boulder Holiday lights! So plan a trip with some friends and loved ones.  Jump in the jalopy and take a drive, sip some warm hot cocoa, and enjoy the 2015 best Boulder holiday lights.

Lit Up Like Rudolph

First stop, 780 Crescent Drive.  The home is a little bit infamous around town for it’s zany over the top display of all things holiday.  There are fixtures in the yard, lights galore and everything is on timers.   Your inner child – not too mention the kids in the backseat – will be amazed.

A “Class” – ic CU Boulder Must See

Next stop on your 2015 Boulder holiday lights tour, CU Boulder.  That’s right, we’re heading over to The Koenig Alumni Center on 1202 University Ave. This is a classic and has been lit up year after year, to spread some holiday cheer! Did you know you can rent this historic 1884 brick house and the surrounding grounds?  This time of  the year is the most popular for use of the building.  Not a shock considering the stunning decorations that are inside and out.

Get Outside Boulder Parks

Also, if you need a quick break from the car you can take a walk and checkout Central Park in Boulder. This park had more than 200,000 lights, that is correct 200,000 lights! This is such a fun place to walk around in the true beauty of Boulder while enjoying the company of your friends and family.  And along those lines, even though it is way down in Denver, I’m always a big fan of the Denver Zoo with it’s holiday lights at night.

Twinkling Boulder Holiday Lights

Lastly, and my personal favorite is Juniper Street. These lights are out of a movie, with many outstanding homes in one neighborhood twinkling with holiday cheer! – And the best house out of them all is 460 Japonica St. so make sure you don’t skip over that one! It is also on timers and it truly a majestic home to see.

FUN FACT: Many homes in Boulder that are decorating have moved over to environmentally friendly lights, so it makes it twice as nice to see the beautiful homes!

That is my list of must see homes, is there any ones that you thought I might have missed? Comment below some of your absolute favorite Boulder holiday lights and some of your holiday traditions!

About This Boulder Real Estate News Article

AKA the fine print.  Co-written with Jordan Hizel, a senior at the Leeds School of Business, CU Boulder.  Jordan is studying business and completing the Real Estate Certificate through CU.  She is scheduled to graduate in the Spring of 2016.

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