Best Boulder Mountain Biking Trails

mouintain bike in snow
Don’t let a little snow stop you from enjoying the best Boulder mountain biking trails out there.

Boulder Colorado is an amazing place to mountain bike.  I have clients that love Rock Creek, because you can be on a trail ride within minutes from leaving the comforts of your garage.  Mountain biking is an exciting sport and the area around town handily lends itself to the sport. Here are the five best Boulder mountain biking trails!

5 Best Boulder Mountain Biking Trails

# 1 Best – imho – Walker Ranch Loop.  Almost eight miles of hard core mid elevation mountain riding.  Located above Boulder – take Baseline up and over the Flatirons – this ride is in Boulder open space.    Easily one of the best Boulder mountain biking trails out there.   Transition from double track to switchbacks in the forest to a mandatory hike section.  Check out this cool site!

# 2 Best Boulder mountain biking trail: Bestasso Preserve.  My favorite memory? Being out there about dusk, a bit tuckered and coming across the “Beware Mountain Lions” sign.  Okay, that gave me the energy to finish the ride with gusto!   Park at the trailhead and enjoy great rides with a solid single track section. Check for non-riding days.  More info link.

# 3 Marshall Mesa – Yeah, this ride isn’t technical or hard core. It is mostly flat in fact. But it is also a great place for beginners and kids to get a feel for mountain biking in Boulder Colorado!

# 4 Hall Ranch!  Definitely one of the best kept secrets in Boulder.  This is easily one of the 3 best Boulder mountain biking trails.   Intense and technical in spots.  The lower section of Bitterbush is a rock garden from the biking gods.

# 5 Dirty Bismark Route.  Don’t wait for summer to hit one of the best Boulder mountain biking trails out there. This loop is ideal for keeping your body in shape and taking in some sweet views all year long.  Based upon a road-ride route made famous in the seventies.  Check out more here.

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