Best Breakfast To Go

Pandemics are no fun, but do lead to interesting discoveries, such as the best breakfast to go around town. Here’s my Top Picks.

  1. Breakfast Burrito Category goes to Jus Burritos in Broomfield. This place is definitely special. The building is almost as small as the parking lot. Even per-pandemic, it was common to see a line out the door. Nowadays, there is a line to get inside to order – only two customers allowed inside at a time and another line of eager hungry folks waiting to pick up their meal. Its a real challenge to not eat these yummy creations right there in the parking lot. Staff appears to be all female. Pro Tip: get double meat, my fave combo is bacon and ham with spicy chili.
  2. Best Eggs Benedict. The award has to go to Tangerine. Multiple locations around town. We like the Lafayette location as it has dining bubbles. We’re not eating indoors, but we are also not driving our food home. It’s a safe in-between choice for use. Not completely in the best breakfast to go category, but I suppose you could order yours for pick up. Only downside, during the pandemic their bakery is no longer making all the delicious items.
flight of pancakes at snooze breakfast eatery
A “flight” of three pancakes. Snooze breakfast eatery is delicious. check it out on Pearl Street, Boulder Colorado

3. Don’t snooze all day long – get to Snooze for a fantastic breakfast. Listen, this spot started in an out of the way corner of Denver. Expanded to a better location and has grown to restaurants up and down Front Range. Easy formula translates into consistently delicious food. And it travels well if ordering to go. You’ll probably find there is a location closer to you than you think. Snooze even offers a secret menu with extra items for insiders. Be sure to try the pancakes!!

4. It was just Fat Tuesday – doesn’t feel the same in this year of the pandemic. When you need your cajun fix, y’all be sure to visit Lucile’s. Another local franchising success. The first little store was up in Boulder and its grown from there. So much delicious food and they serve giant biscuits with most everything.

Funny, but true story. We had friends visit from Italy. They had taken us out to eat when we visited Rome and we wanted to return the favor. Breakfast worked out for our get together. We ordered our usual favorites. But our guests, they didn’t really eat breakfast. Instead, they ordered some espresso and that was about it. OMG, I felt like I was pigging out eating that meal. LOL.

5. Visit Louisville for two awesome treats. In a hurry? Grab and go at Moxie. Excellent sweet rolls and neat bagel like creations: bialy. Coffee lovers will appreciate their touch. Or, for a more elaborate meal that makes every best breakfast to go list, head kitty corner to Huckleberry’s. The wife loves their skillets so much, its one of her go-to choices at home when emulating food we have had out.

Bear and Bob Gordon in the kitchen nook
#TBT, pre-beard and several houses ago. Breakfast at home on a Sunday morning.

6. Still searching for a breakfast burrito and Broomfield is to far? How about the Taco Truck in Lafayette. These guys make amazing breakfast food. Order yours Deluxe, covered in green chili – you decide if it’s sissy (mild), hot or half-n-half. When ordering to-go, be sure to remind them you don’t need plastic ware. Nearby is Santiago’s. Another excellent choice. I like this one because they have a breakfast bowl – no tortilla. Santiago’s chili is so good, its bottled in local grocery stores. Still not satisfied? Try Los Hermanos in Louisville. The guys there griddle your burrito. Nice touch. It’s next door to a top flight veterinary if you have pets.

7. So the other day I was showing property first thing in the morning. Post-showing, hunger struck and I headed over to the Hungry Buff for the best breakfast to go – go to my car that is. I miss the good ole days of dining indoors. Sigh. But hey, The Buff is really amazing. A few years ago we hosted a big gathering of family and everyone stayed in the hotel literally across the street. Years later, family still raves about the breakfast at the Buff. I don’t think you can go wrong, from awesome egg skillets to amazing omelettes and really stellar sweet stuff. Try the Buffaquiles. Tex Mex breakfast fave!

best boulder breakfast photo of huevos rancheros
Huevos Rancheros

8. The Village Coffee Shop has been around forever. I came to town thirty years ago and while I’ve aged, this place is timeless. Grab a newspaper as you enter the joint – if you are staying. Or order to grab and go quick for a great meal.

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