Best Pearl Street Coffee Shops

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The definitive list of the best Pearl Street coffee shops by Bob Gordon, Realtor & Blogger

A cup of Joe. Cappuccino or Latte or an Americano. Black Eye and Java or perhaps a Mocha. All terms we might affectionately banter about as labels for our beloved jolt of caffeine. Boulder and the surrounding communities are home to some great coffee shops. Here you’ll discover the best Pearl street coffee shops. This list focuses just on Pearl. There are more great brew watering holes scattered about town that are not on this list.

Best Boulder Coffee A to Z

First I thought I would rate my favorite shops. I had several tied for first and several more tied for second. Clearly, that system would never fly. I thought about going from oldest to newest. But not every shop lists the date it was founded.

I even considered creating a custom map, but I’m not very artistic. So, a simple listing from A to Z will have to serve for the best Pearl Street coffee shops. Ironically, I haven’t yet visited the “A” shop, so no write up as I publish this post.

Good news though, as new shops open, it will be fairly easy to update the list. And when I next get a moment, I’ll be adding honorable mentions – such as coffee shops just off Pearl Street.

Ultimate Best Pearl Street Coffee Shops List

Alpine Modern Cafe

Blog and write up coming soon!

Boxcar Coffee Roasters

boulder boxcar coffee beans

Inviting space is really conducive to conversation.  Skip the urge to grab a paper cup and instead relax, hang out and enjoy the space.  Most visits people are having conversations or getting some computer work accomplished. 

At Pearl and 18th
Phone: 720-456-7962
Hours: M-F 7 – 6; Saturday 7:30 – 6; Sunday 8 – 5
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Capital One Cafe
Be sure to visit on a Monday or Friday and bring your own reusable beverage cup.  You’ll be treated to a complimentary Peet’s Drip coffee for your efforts.  Only in Boulder will you discover a coffee market with a full bank inside.   Or is it the other way around?

At Pearl and 13th near the old Courthouse
Phone: 303-209-0017
Hours: M-F 7 am to 7 pm, Sat-Sun 9 am to 6 pm
Website: Capital One
Blog: no blog post yet. ๐Ÿ™

Capital One, Ku Cha and Alpine are not your traditional entries on a list of best Pearl Street coffee shops. But they add character to what makes this community so neat. I mean – most banks offer coffee, but how many coffee shops offer banking?

The Cup Espresso Cafe

Logo: The CupPermanently Closed. Energized scene two blocks from the pedestrian mall. Amazing selection of baked goods. Millennial work space, conversation space, lap tops welcome and they make some excellent brew.

At Pearl and 1th – plenty of parking nearby
Phone: 303-449-5173
Hours: Everyday, 7 to 7
Website:  n/a
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Jet’s Espressoria

jets espressoria on pearl street out back Located on the east edge of Pearl Street, this place hums with local traffic seeking java juice, lunch or a comfortable spot to plug in and work.  Shop hawks local art and offers a large outdoor patio with inviting verdant vibe.  Power strips available to plug in & connect to the ‘net.

At Pearl and 21st
Phone: 303-247-0124
Hours: M-F, 6-6; Sat-Sun 7-6
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Ku Cha Tea House
More of a shop with a limited backroom tea house. Excellent selection of teas, pots, cups, everything you could ever imagine for brewing the perfect cup of tea.

On the Mall at Pearl and Broadway
Phone: 303-443-3612
Hours: Mon – Sat 10 am to 9 pm; Sun 10-8
Blog: No personal blog story yet. ๐Ÿ™

The Laughing Goat Coffee House

inside the Laughing goat coffee shop
Looking from the back of the Laughing Goat up front on a weekday.

Old School coffee house reminds me of Penny Lane – once upon a time coffee shop on Pearl Street.  This space offers open mic, live music and more.  Loads of tables crowd the joint. Worker Bees with laptops in the AM share space with conversationalists.  Evenings lively with music.

Near the traffic light at 17th and Pearl
Phone: ?
Hours: M-F 6 – 11; Sat-Sun 7 – 11 — Open Late
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Ozo Coffee Company

Ozo Coffee Downtown Boulder exterior
Ozo Coffee Downtown Boulder Colorado

Prime Pearl Street Mall location delivers.  Plenty of seating, packaged coffee for sale, baked goods.  Ozo fuels a number of businesses around town, such as home grown natural grocer Alfalfa’s. 

At Pearl and 10th
Phone: 303-645-4885
Hours: M-S, 6 to 7; Sunday 7-7
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Spruce Confections

Bob Gordon Realtor in front of Spruce Confections
Bob Gordon — Spruce Confections

Lovely coffee shop and fresh baked goods.  A line out the door in the morning is no surprise. Tables dot the sidewalk.  Skip the to-go urge and relax in conversation at quiet end of mall before residential area begins.

Just past 9th on Pearl
Phone: 303-449-6773
Hours: M-F, 6:30 to 6; Sat-Sun 7am to 6pm
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Multiple locations.  Reliable national chain with the Secret Menu, but no drive through in either of these locations. Nestled near eateries at grab & go 28th Street location. Next door to local burrito maker Illegal Pete’s and close to garage parking at west location.

28th and Pearl Location
Phone: 303-449-1881
Hours: M-T-W, 5 to 8 pm; T-F 5-9 Sat 5:30 to 8:30 Sun 5:30 to 7 — Opens Early
Website: Starbucks
My Blog: No blog yet. ๐Ÿ™

On the Mall, Pearl just beyond 15th
Phone: 303-245-9368
Hours: M-Th, 9 pm; Friday 5:30-10:30; Sat 6 – 9:30; Sun 6 – 8:30
Website: Starbucks
My Blog: No blog yet. ๐Ÿ™

Trident Booksellers and Cafe

trident cafe cappuccino In the heart of excellent dining along Pearl Street, Trident is a strikingly Locals respite.   They get some tourist business on weekends, but frequently know their customers by name.  Grab a latte and hit the ‘Stacks.

About 10th and Pearl
Phone: 303-443-3133
Hours: M-S, 6:30 to 11 pm; Sunday 7-11 — Open Late Daily !!!
My Blog:

That’s it as of mid August 2018. Any suggestions for my best Pearl Street coffee shops? Please leave a comment on what I missed, need to add or honorable mentions. Bonus. I asked on Facebook what friends feel is there Go-To caffeinated beverage selection. Here’s what I heard:

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