Boulder 2016 Bike To Work Day

Beloved Boulder Turnpike Bike Lane

Drive along Hwy 36 these days and you’ll see Boulder 2016 Bike enthusiasts using the new concrete riding trail.  It looks like a fabulous ride, with the big climb over the ridge.  I tell myself it is one I want to make, but for the moment I’m trying to conquer a stationary bike at the gym.  Meanwhile, for cycling enthusiasts of all levels, quickly approaching is the Boulder 2016 Bike To Work Day event.  This year it takes place on June 22nd.  When you register, you can purchase a commemorative T-Shirt and learn about all the great aid stations and complimentary breakfasts along your planned route.

There are 220 stations this year.  See official page for a location on your commute.  Register, win prizes, have fun, reduce your carbon footprint for the day!

What is the Boulder 2016 Bike to work day?

An opportunity to don your cycling gear and join thousands of other riders cycling to work.  There will be aid stations set up around the county.  Many businesses offer special breakfasts for riders.   It is a great opportunity to leave your car at home and lower your carbon footprint.  Cycling is a great choice to keep yourself healthier from physical exercise.  Or you can don your helmet and gear to get one of the delicious breakfasts served up around town, enter in contests to win prizes and enjoy the holiday!

2016 Boulder Bike To Work Day: June 22, 2016 Starts 6 am ends 9 am. Over fifty vendors participating

Here is an excellent link to a map of the aid and breakfast stations for this year’s Boulder bicycle to work day.  Remember, always wear a helmet when cycling.  Know your hand turn signals, verbally let pedestrians know when you are approaching from behind and wear bright colors to be more easily seen by vehicles.

aid station along 2016 boulder bike to work day route
An aid station along the 2016 Boulder Bike To Work Day route

Celebration of Bikeway

On June 18, 2016 there is a big time celebration of the completed bike pathway.  Meet at the Avista Medical Center in Louisville by 9:30 am and join the crew cycling to Boulder.  There will be a party at both the start and completion of the ride.  Vendors of all sorts are expected to be on hand for this momentous 2016 Boulder Bike event.


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