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Just Bike It

Well, it could be the official Boulder bicycle tag line for this city of 100,000 with a fierce love of all things cycling.  There are coffee shops – such as Amante – that appeal to the cycling crowd.  Cycling shops with rides that cost more than some cars – Vecchios.  Clubs catering to all sorts of riding, from the low key Boulder Cruisers Club to Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance.  If you are seeking a community that is open minded to alternative transportation, you are going to love the Boulder bicycle scene.  There is even a state of the art, handbuilt 250 meter velodrome on the East side of Boulder County and a bike park in town.

“Boulder Colorado loves bicycling.”

Boulder and RTD offer a great program called Bus Then Bike.  This allows participants to store bikes in a locked garage area.  Commuters can the use the extensive bus transit system to get from home to a central location bus stop where their bike is securely stored. The program has been a phenomenal success.  Another unique cycling option is the B-Cycle program.  39 stations host 275 Boulder bicycles.  Participants are allowed unlimited free 30 minute rides. The idea is you ride from station to station, trading bikes as you mix walking, transit and cycling into your day.

Bike Path Controversy

It’s not your everyday dilemma, Boulder bicycle path added along a street causes an uproar with businesses and drivers.  Most of the time, the town of Boulder is completely supportive of paths and bicycles.  It just so happens though, when you place a “right sizing” project along one of the most popular north/south routes, tempers can flare.  Read more on The Daily Camera news story.

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Boulder Bicycle Shops

Boulder and the surrounding communities of Louisville, Lafayette, Niwot, Longmont and Superior have plenty of excellent bike shops.  Many offer wonderful children’s trade up programs.   Places like the Pro’s Shop offer high end gear second hand while Play It Again Sports focuses on more pedestrian gear.  If you are looking for a Boulder bicycle, there is probably a shop selling the exact make and model you want, in stock today.  Some shops to check out:

Get Out And Ride

There is a club ride offered through the Boulder Mountain Bicycle Alliance geared for singles. The ride is hosted by a couple that met on the same ride.  The Boulder Cruisers take over the town most Thursday nights. Check their site for the latest fashion tips (changes weekly).  Hwy 36 is undergoing a massive renovation and includes a dedicated bike lane. Bike to Work Day is an annual celebration each summer.  Participants receive countless goodies and help push daily ridership for commuters over 10%.  Just a few of the myriad improvements to the local bike community of Boulder.

boulder bicycle program bus then ride allows participants to store bikes securely and commute via bus
The “Bus then Bike” cage at Table Mesa Park and Ride

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