Boulder Bike To Work Day

2015 bike to work support station
2015 Bike to Work at Superior Pointe just outside of Boulder

The first leg of the major road renovation project on Hwy 36 will open to cycling commuters Wednesday June 24, 2015.  Just in time for the annual Boulder bike to work day – a beloved quasi-holiday.  Alas, the bike lane opening does not actually reach into Boulder.  But it will one day.  And when it is completed, there will be BRT – Bus Rapid Transit – from Boulder to Denver plus an HOV lane that charges as much as $14 one way for a car carrying less than three people.   Find the 2016 story here!

bicycle parking at the Boulder Farmers Market
Cycling around Boulder is beyond popular.  Participate in the 2015 Cycling to work event.  See you on your bike this Wednesday !!


Boulder Bike To Work Day

Get registered, win prizes.  The official site is colorful and super easy to navigate.  Register for the 2015 Bike to Work day now!  To participate, (1) sign up on online, (2) ride your bike to work, (3) you made a difference, way to go!  It’s that easy.  There will be tents and businesses set up all over to town to support you on your bike to work adventure.   Plus a chance to win great prizes.   The bike ride is healthy for you, and good for our planet by reducing carbon emissions.  Every little bit makes a difference.

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  • Get in shape and experience 40 mph on a 250 meter bike loop at the Velodrome.
bike to work or just for fun at the valmont bike park
Pictured here, a family takes a break at the Valmont bike park in 2014 while participating in the bike to work day festivities


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