Boulder Bot Joy Explores What Connects Us

Boulder Bot Joy exhibit by Gary Hirsch, Boulder Colorado #botStories
Boulder Bot Joy exhibit by Gary Hirsch, Boulder Colorado #botStories


Incompletely Finished

Gary Hirsch brings his latest iteration of improvisational art to Boulder with the eclectic and fun Boulder Bot Joy project.   The project asks you and I to complete it.  Take a Selfie and answer the question.

  • What inspires you?
  • What brings you joy?
  • Who do you love?
  • What do you need help with?

Inspiration and Love

Gary Hirsch did an inspirational presentation on TedX.  He has been creating Bots the world over and sharing his love, ideas and curiosity.  He is especially dedicated to children, having worked extensively with the children at Randall Children’s Hospital.  The work with the hospital is amazing. It brings courage and hope to young patients who need it most.

boulder bot joy mural
Who Inspires you? #BotJoy
boulder art mural
What brings you joy?

I double dog dare you to visit this link and not shed a tear when you read how powerful an impact these little bots have on young children.

Social Media And the Boulder Bot Joy Project

Here’s how it works.  Visit the mural at 13th and Arapahoe.  Other notable activities here include the Boulder Farmer’s Market, The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and The Dushanbe Tea House.  Take a Selfie or even better, ask a stranger to get your photo.  Then post your stories on social media using the hashtag #BotJoy.

Twitter #BotStories

Bob Gordon Realtor
Pharrell Williams sings about happiness. Creativity in #BoulderColorado brings me joy. What moves you? #BotJoy

I just visited my twitter page and searched the hashtag for Boulder Bot Joy.  What.  There are so many stories, a few photos and a lot of FUN.  This is what makes Boulder Colo so cool.  Zany fun.  Gary has created small Bots – over 25,000 – that are now scattered about the planet.  The mural in Boulder has six Bots of various sizes.   The Boulder Bot Joy mural features: The Joy Bot (What brings you joy?); The Creativity Bot (What inspires you?); The Love Bot (Who do you love?); The Dream Bot (What’s your dream?) and The Help Bot (What do you need help with?).

Underutilized Boulder Colo Public Wall AND Art

I love that Boulder partnered with a creative artist to transform an underutilized wall into an amazing mural that brings smiles and interaction.  I suppose if I were answering the question, “who do I love?” my first answer would be my wife Julie.  And next up? Gary Hirsch for creating this amazing art. Is that okay?

It Takes A Village

Well, don’t know if really takes a village to create amazingly fun Boulder Bot Joy, but I do know that students from Boulder High School assisted in the multi-day project.   The Boulder Bot Joy mural was funded by the City of Boulder Office of Arts and Cultural Services.  This article provided a great deal of research for this portion of my blog today.

Gary Hirsch mural
Underutilized public wall in Boulder is now home to amazing art by nationally renowned artist Gary Hirsch

Additionally funds and support came from a collaboration with Boulder Digital Works, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA), and the Boulder Farmer’s Market.  Boulder Digital Works also participated in the art project.  BDW is part of the Atlas program at CU Boulder.

bob gordon remax
Blog author Bob Gordon finds joy in the fun zany originality of Boulder Colo

bot-joy-what-are-you-afraid-ofThe civic space where the project is located is designated for a make-over.  Boulder officials have been crafting new rules and regulations to reduce panhandling in the area.   Jody Tableporter is the project manager in charge of redevelopment of the Boulder Civic Area.  She is delighted to have the interactive mural, which in some ways signifies the beginning of the renaissance of the area.


Dominoes And Giants

bot-joy-gary-hirschMost of Gary Hirsch’s art is domino sized.  Having hand painted over twenty five thousand of the little bots and then sharing them around the globe.  For the project in Boulder, Colo, Gary had a bigger vision. The mural is collaborative on several levels.  Hands on assistance was necessary to paint the artwork.  Donations and financial assistance allowed Gary to travel to the area. And the ongoing selfies is the ultimeate collaboration.   Drop by on your next visit downtown.  Snap a photo and share with the hash tags #BotJoy or #BotStories.

Boulder Bot Joy Explores What Connects Us


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