Boulder Coffee Shop Row

 Coffee Shop Row – Boulder

a barista at Atlas Purveyors in Boulder Colorado
Atlas Purveyors – Boulder Coffee Shop Row
so many delicious choices at Atlas Purveyors
so many delicious choices at Atlas Purveyors

Coffee Shop Row starts a few blocks from Pearl Street Mall. If you are looking to get your caffeine fix, this is the area to enjoy espresso and the goodies that go with it. Sure, you wait for the Mall itself and score a Starbucks, but with so many great coffee shops, treat yourself to something special.

Boulder is rumored to have more Pot shops than Coffee shops.  Boulder has some excellent coffee shops near Pearl Street Mall.

Students and Boulder Coffee

The Cup is an uber cool spot.   Their motto: “organic. fair. and delicious.”  Students gather in packs between classes. Business people populate the tables with laptops. The staff is friendly if busy. I had the opportunity to chat with Kristin. She was in on her day off, enjoying her favorite drink – a shot of espresso with an equal amount of steamed milk added. Sort of like a mini though super strong Latte. Just the drink needed to get your day going.

Logo: The Cup

raw brick frames the board menu for The Cup - a Boulder favorite
The Cup – Boulder Colorado

The Cup offers baked goods, food of all sorts and bagels. I had the whole wheat with bacon, eggs and cheese. Great way to start the day.

Laptops and coffee shops seem to go hand in hand. Wi-Fi is readily available at Boulder coffee shops.

A few doors down is Atlas Purveyors; their logo – Tea, Coffee and Nosh.  This coffee shop is bright and filled with chalk boards. There is a large one by the door with a menu and another along a wall featuring artwork by patrons. The tables are low and the conversation a bit more hushed, a good spot for signing online and getting some work accomplished.  I loved the vibe here. The Barista took time to explain the various roasts served and made me exactly the coffee I wanted.

the exterior of The Laughing Goat
Laughing Goat

Laughing Goat Vibe.jpg

A few more doors up the block, is Laughing Goat. This space has a bar-chic feeling to it. The coffee feels Italian in style. Hang out, enjoy a real coffee mug and join the hordes on their Macs sitting in the back.

coffee shop row amanteThere is a good sized Starbucks as soon as you get to Pearl Street Mall. Why not? Starbucks is consistent and all those gift cards you have will work here. On the other side of the Mall, near Rio is Amante Coffee. It is tucked away, but serves up a brilliant Italian roast. At night, the red hued sign beckons for those needing a late night shot of caffeine.  I purchased some for home. OMG – very strong caffeine, should come with warning label – only drink when you want to accomplish a LOT! LOL.   Tell me where your favorite coffee shop is located.  Need a cup of tea?  Read about it here!



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