Boulder Coffee Shops

Coffee, Tea or Chai?

Boulder has a great selection of coffee and tea shops.    Perhaps best known, and currently the number one tourist attraction in Boulder is the Dushanbe Tea House.  A gift to Boulder from our sister city in the former USSR, this incredible building sat in hundreds of boxes in a warehouse for years when it first arrived in Boulder.  Believe it or not, the City of Boulder just didn’t know what to do with it at first.  It is not everyday a city receives a hand built building shipped from overseas.  Once re-constructed though, it quickly became a must-see centerpiece of the city. All the artwork is hand painted.  There is an incredible selection of teas served by a knowledgeable wait staff.

The Laughing Goat, Coffee shop, Boulder, as the western sun bathes the Pearl street location
Boulder Pearl Street
an interior view of the Laughing Goat. Patrons seated, many with laptop computers, a brick wall covered in art, exposed ceiling
Feel the vibe at Laughing Goat







Looking for that other caffeine drink? Boulder has wide variety of coffee houses.  Best known to longtime residents is the now shuttered Penny Lane. Have to give a shout out to this amazing though long gone coffee house. They were serving up lattes long before Starbucks came to town.  Ah, Starbucks, there are plenty of these coffee shops scattered about Boulder.  But this is Boulder, why not satisfy your craving with a finely crafted espresso drink.  Here are my suggestions for lattes, cappuccinos and espresso about boulder.    Ozo Coffee is fantastic.  The cafe offers free wifi (most of the coffee shops do) and is well situated along Arapahoe Avenue.  The staff have two serving stations for high traffic times. The coffee is of excellent quality and flavor. The vibe – business casual with plenty of light.  There are several eateries nearby including locals’ beloved Snarf sandwich shop.

Exterior of Ozo Coffee, crowded with cars
Ozo Coffee

Looking for something a little more European in feeling? Visit The Laughing Goat for a cappuccino.  The barista will prepare a fantastic beverage that tastes as though it were crafted in Italy.   Plenty of seating is available with a few tables up front and plenty more back inside the cavernous feeling space where chic meets hipster.  Just about everyone is sporting a Mac Book Pro in this space; even the person taking your order will use an Ipad to charge you.

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Vic’s Coffee has several Boulder locations.  You can expect great coffee, polite service and space to have a conversation with friends.   The shop on Broadway is located near plenty of great eateries.  Into cycling? Believe it or not, Boulder has a coffee shop for that.  You’ll be sure to see the riding crowd morning noon and night hanging out at Amante Coffee.

There are plenty more great coffee shops about Boulder. And if you are a tea lover, be sure to check out the Celestial Seasonings headquarters and tour – just be careful when you visit the peppermint room!  Enjoy your half-caf, low cal, super zippy coffee today!  See 2013 update!

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The entry area for Celestial Seasonings, Boulder, Colorado
Visit Celestial Seasonings

As you enter Celestial Seasonings Tea Shop, a plethora of colors, mugs, tea samples.

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