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A Great Place To Call Home

Boulder Colo is an awesome community.  When I think of Boulder, I really think of the city and several surrounding communities.  The city itself is more like a big town.  It is on the cusp of becoming its own public utility, and has an immense budget.  Places with their own utilities are cities, right?

But still, it feels more like a really big town than the small city it is.

Check out this great video from Boulder about the community!

Turn ON Your Sound !!!

Local government takes a stab at telling you all about the wonderful city and why its a grand place to live, work, play. Video starts out with a flyover of the Rockies – at least the close portion of the beloved Flatirons. Then its laughing crowds (remember when we could gather in crowds! ) on the Pearl Street Mall.

Buckle up folks, because you are in for a rapid fire first hand look at what makes this such a wonderful community to visit, let alone call home.

May Means Bolder Boulder

This iconic 10K race is held every year.  Tens of thousands of runners gather to see who has the best stuff when it comes to running.  There is the Locals race – if you are in that first A wave, you better be running when the race starts.

Side note: I go to a great Memorial Day party every year. My wife has the connection and this is definitely the place to be.  Andy is always putting up the race scores.  For the longest time, his was the one to beat. But last year, his young son who is quite the athlete, eclipsed his time. 

This is what makes life so great.  Little things like the anti-BB crowd that hosts a beer and bacon party along the race route.  They invite anyone to stop for a few or simply to quit the race and Par-Tee. 

Thing is, you are going to find countless ways to celebrate on any given holiday around Boulder Colo.  There are so many fun and original ways to let your hair down and have a good time.

boulder colo realtor bob gordon alongside vw van at boulder google headquarters
Blogger and local Boulder Colo Realtor Bob Gordon pictured alongside classic VW van inside the Boulder Google Headquarters

Festivals Summer Spring Fall and Winter

Yes, in the dead of winter you can find a 10K and oatmeal festival one town over in Lafayette.  Most every month of Spring and Summer there are opportunities to enjoy the Pearl Street Mall or Boulder Creek – with a festival.  There are art festivals, cultural weekends, food fests and of course craft brewing events. You name, we have it.

I Love Boulder For A Lot Of Different Reasons

Can’t beat the weather.  We have over 300 days of sunshine in Boulder Colo.  Even as I’m updating this blog, it is sunny and warm outside – with a threat of snow for the weekend! Its a beautiful city that is supportive of green projects, giving back to its citizens and making the world a better place for tomorrow.

Want to get from point A to point B? There are so many transportation options. We have bus hubs and RTD. Some of the routes are free with an Eco-Pass or for students.  There are bike routes and walking trails. Uber of course, but also a reliable fleet of taxis.  Heck, there is even talk of adding a gondola ride between downtown and The Hill.

Wallstreet Journal Calls Boulder Colo The Foodiest City In The World

Its the epicenter of natural organic foods.  There are farmers markets on just about every day of the week throughout the county of Boulder Colo.  Innovative dining, world renowned restaurants, and little noodle shops with a different special on every day.   If you like to eat, I double dog dare you to try every option in town. 

Government Funded Labs Abound In Boulder Colo

Just within the city there are fourteen labs.  NOAA, NCAR, U…well, the list goes on and on.  Look to the west and you’ll see iconic NCAR, once used in the background for a Woody Allen flick.  Drive along Broadway and you’ll see a sprawling campus, home to an atomic clock and regional weather forecasting.

Local lore has it when Pueblo and Boulder were founded, there were two state funded projects – a prison and a university.  We grabbed the less glamorous and lower funded of the two and having CU here has made all the difference in the world. 

The university brings in world class research, curiosity, top notch science. It should be no surprise that in addition to the labs and what not, major Hi Tech companies like Google, IBM, LinkedIn and Twitter all call Boulder home.  And with more coming all the time.

Government Labs + High Tech + Great Outdoors = Best Place To STARTUP

Have a great idea? This is the place to bring it to fruition. 

7 Verticals Drive Boulder Colo City I Love

The video reveals that Boulder Colo has something like 32, 36 outdoor companies based here.  And that is just one of the seven verticals driving the economy.  And all of that doesn’t even address the extra bonus of the massive tourism we experience.   Read up on the Economy.

This is a great place to live, work, play.  This is a great place to live. Cheers to Boulder. Like the video? Leave a comment below.

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