Boulder Colorado and Walk Score

Getting Around Boulder, Part II

bright red bicycles for rent at a B Cycle station in Boulder, Colorado
Photo by Rob Larsen

In my previous blog, I spoke about getting around Boulder using the RTD bus system.  Great public transportation is part of what makes selling homes, condos and investment properties in Boulder so worthwhile.  Though many of us simply own and rely upon cars, having a wonderful public option is part of what creates a strong, diversified and vibrant community.

Lately, social media, going green and being environmentally friendly is very popular.  A wonderful tool available to home buyers and Realtors is the Walk Score community.  This handy site can help us become more fit, discover new and exciting opportunities and even create a more sustainable community.

Boulder is walkable

Boulder, Colorado is a very good community for walking, cycling or skateboarding about.  There are numerous trails free of automobiles.  The City has created a number of designated bike paths, or lanes, on City streets.  There are even bike stations spread about Boulder where you can quickly and afford-ably grab a bike and go.  The stations are filled with bright red bicycles, available twenty four/seven for use.

My career is about helping you find a place to call home – helping you buy your Boulder, Co home, condo or investment property.  But you are not merely buying a place to call home. Boulder is a wonderful community and the public transportation options are what make this community so great, so strong and so environmentally friendly.

Share your story – What is your Walk-Score for your home? Do you bicycle on your commute or take advantage of public transportation? I would enjoy hearing about it here.  Be sure to see my next blog about “transportation meets recreation.”

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