Boulder Duplex House

What Is A Duplex Home?

Quite simply, a Boulder Duplex House is a property divided into two living units, each with its own entry. Each living unit has everything a home needs: kitchen, bedroom/s, baths. Each of the apartments is completely independent of the other, although sometimes they may share a single HVAC system or share utility billing.

Up Down or Side by Side Duplex

The layout of the units could be one above the other or side by side. It might be that your Boulder duplex is a pair of town home layouts. The units could be identical or one might be larger than the other.

Live In Half Your Boulder Duplex House

A nice advantage of owning a plex property is that you can reside in one unit and rent the rest. In a hot housing market like Boulder’s, this can allow you to use rent income to really subsidize your monthly payment.

Eileen Anderson, fellow Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Realtor out in the Simsbury Connecticut market blogs that duplexes are great for Air BNB. Easy to turn around quickly for your next guest. Plus, you can clean the unit promptly as one one visitor vacates and before the next arrives, fattening your bottom line!

Or possibly, you will be the Air BNB visitor yourself.  You can rent one side out to a long term tenant – for solid return on the investment and VRBO the other side.  And then use that furnished side as a vacation property for yourself. 

Petra Norris, a Realtor in Florida, talks about the opportunity of owning a vacation home in her blog.  I think her advice to research the area is great for a vacation home or primary residence!

However you manage your plex, a Boulder Duplex Home is a great way to break into the Boulder real estate market!

You Say Plex, I Say Two Flat

Not every place calls a duplex the same thing. In the Midwest, a Boulder duplex House might be referred to as a Two Flat. That same property in San Francisco is a two-family dwelling. Of course like it’s California brethren, its apt to be pricey.

Neighborhood Limitations

Not every subdivision around town is apt to offer multiplex housing options. Duplexes in Boulder tend to be more common in downtown locations than say South Boulder.

That said, a downtown Boulder duplex House is going to give you a pretty incredible locale -you can walk to shopping, dining, work?, the Boulder Creek Path, your favorite coffee shop and so much more!

Will This Require Exotic Financing?

No! Financing your Boulder Duplex House shouldn’t be a problem. FHA financing is a great option. This mortgage program allows you to put as little as 3.5% down. And you can combine the 203K loan option to upgrade your property at time of purchase. Or take advantage of Chafa to assist with your down payment.

Ryan Fitzgerald, blogging and selling real estate in Charlotte NC recently posted about boosting your credit score.  Good advice if you are seeking a Boulder duplex house or condo!

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