Boulder Farmers Market

beets at boulder farmers market
You can’t BEETS fresh farm produce at the boulder farmers market

New Leadership At Boulder Farmers Market

The Boulder Farmers Market starts the first Saturday of April.  With area farmers utilizing hoop houses, there should be plenty of fresh produce.  And while this is the same Boulder Farmers Market as years past, this year there is a new leader at the helm.   Brian Coppom took over as Executive Director in October 2013.  His first order of business? More fresh farmed goods, less prepared foods.

boulder farmers market dining area and crowd
Boulder Farmers Market on a summer evening in August


food truck
Food Truck at the Saturday morning market in Boulder
sun flower
Grown locally near 75th & Valmont, the flowers caught our eye. We purchased a pretty purple arrangement to bring home
breadworks boulder
Local brick and mortar stores partake in the Boulder County Farmer’s Market as well

Dates And Times

The Boulder Farmers Market runs every SATURDAY April 5th, 2014 to November 22nd, 2014 (wow, that sounds far away).  Market hours on Saturdays are 8 am to 2 pm.   Beginning May 7th, the Boulder farmers market is open every WEDNESDAY.  Hours will be 4 pm to 8 pm.  The Wednesday market ends on October 1st, 2014.

diabetes bike ride
I’m thinking of participating in this great sounding event. Would you support me in this charitable cause?

The Boulder Farmers Market is held at 13th Street and Canyon Boulevard.  Nearby landmarks include the bandshell and train (well, there used to be a train on display).  Summer time, you can hang out by the creek too.

bicycle parking at the Boulder Farmers Market
While visiting on a Saturday morning we stocked up on red leaf and butter lettuce, fresh Spinach and Easter Egg radishes. And noticed there is ample bicycle parking at the Boulder Farmers Market


Saturday Boulder Parking

Public parking garages are free – but NOT city lots on Saturdays.  Here is a list of locations to take advantage of free parking:

* 11th & Walnut (Randolph Center)          * 11th & Spruce          * 15th & Pearl          * 10th & Walnut (St Julien Hotel — where I got married btw!!)          * 14th & Walnut (RTD Bus Station)

Date Night

Summertime, my wife and I have found the combination of Bands on the Bricks and The Boulder Farmers Market makes for a great date night.  Here is a link to the 2013 line up (I’ll post the new line up as soon as possible).  You get the idea though: shop for fresh produce, grab a casual dinner and listen to live music. All while seeing friends and being outdoors in beautiful Boulder Colo.

Bob Gordon dining at Boulder farmers market
About the author.  Here I am enjoying pizza from Laudisio’s Wood Fired Oven at the Boulder Farmers Market




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