Boulder Flood Update

Its Raining This Weekend

Boulder continues to resonate from the recent flooding.   Here’s the thing for me – it rained yesterday.  And suddenly I’m worrying a little bit about new flooding and am concerned for neighbors and friends. Silly, right?  And yet, friends still call and ask me for a Boulder flood update, did my basement flood (it didn’t’) and am I safe (I am).

Boulder Flood Update /Affect On Real Estate

Things feel quiet. Some deals closed as the flood started. I heard one family made a $5,000 cash concession at the closing table to get a deal done.  Other deals are in limbo. It is just about impossible to reach some sections of the canyons where houses were hit hardest by flooding.   And yet, a family came into town this weekend from Washington DC to house hunt.

Are you dealing with the aftermath of the flood? Questions, comments or suggestions please reply to my blog or give me a call.  Thank you for the emails too.  You can send comments Attn: Boulder Flood Update to

Infrastructure Damage

closed trail
Destroyed and closed trails remain a reminder in town of the damage

As Boulder dries out from flooding, we are noticing a great deal of damage.  Lefthand Canyon, James Canyon and Boulder Canyon are in dire shape.  Jamestown was hit significantly by the flooding.  Real estate sales in affected areas have been affected.  Many families are displaced. Thankfully, in this Boulder flood update I can tell you the number of missing and accounted is down dramatically.

While it will take time, many of Boulder’s beloved trails can be repaired.  It is a sad reminder to see so many trails around town just gone from the flooding.

Getting to and from Lyons and Estes Park is still incredibly difficult.  To the credit of Boulder, Louisville, Longmont, Niwot and Lafayette, the city streets are mostly cleared of debris and getting around town no longer involves road blocks and detours.

Helping Out

Basement drying out from flood
We cut out the drywall and have fans running 24/7 to dry the basement

Meanwhile, I’m helping a long time client with the flood damage to his townhouse. We have removed all the drywall in the basement, torn out the carpeting and dried the basement. We had to replace the clothes dryer, the motor was a victim to the high water.  Next Boulder flood update I hope to tell you about how beautiful the finished basement once more looks.

Boulder Resources

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UPDATE 11/9/2013 – New Assistance From The COLORADO ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS. Limited time, click here for details.

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