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More Than Cars, More Than Storage

Too often, I see the Boulder garage that is so overfilled, you cannot even park a single car in the space. How does this happen? Well, people start to collect stuff – kids toys, bikes, boxes, lawn gear.  Without a little effort, your Boulder garage can quickly cease functioning as a spot to store your vehicles.  But all is not lost. Here are some simple to implement ideas to reclaim your garage.

  1. Empty and organize your Boulder garage.  Haul everything into the driveway.  This will give you a clean canvas on which to get to work.
  2. Have any stains on the garage floor? Now that the space is empty, this is a great time to clean up your garage floor. Try adding paint thinner to oil spots on the floor, then apply an absorbant material such as kitty litter or baking soda to soak up the mess.
  3. Add peg board along the walls of your garage. This is a great area to hang bicycles, ladders, signs, tools, shovels.  Get the gear off the floor to make room for your car/s.
  4. Build or install shelving.  Consider hanging shelving in your Boulder garage from the ceiling. This is a good area to store camping gear, seasonal outdoor items such as skis during the summer and gardening gear in the winter.
  5. As you move your belongings back into your Boulder garage, organize. Paint on one shelf; toys in a box on another.  Anything extra? Consider donating it or having a garage sale.  Remember, you should be able to store one car in each garage spot.
  6. A good trick to make your Boulder garage more inviting – consider adding additional lighting.  Try McGuckin, Ace or Home Depot for an inexpensive florescent light fixture.  These can easily be plugged into extension cords or outlets.  A brighter garage is good for staging projects and accessing your tools.
  7. Last but not least, consider a touch of color.  Repaint your Boulder garage door to create a high impact on the exterior or add potted flowers or decorations on either side of the door to add color and character.

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We implemented all the ideas above to reclaim our garage. We are now able to park two vehicles in the garage and store a good amount of stuff as well.  Tell me how your Boulder garage project turns out!

hanging boulder garage shelving
Add hanging shelving for seasonal storage
peg board hanging tools in boulder garage
Utilize peg board to store ladders and lawn tools along walls
storage of bikes and power cords in my boulder garage
Pegboard is a great way to add hanging storage for bicycles, lawn gear, extension cords and more in your Boulder garage
an organized boulder garage with gardening gear in one space, paint in another
Add built-in storage, then organize your belongings to maximize the space


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flower basket by garage door is pretty
Repaint your garage door and add plants outside the garage to brighten this utility room

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  1. Great tips, Bob!
    Hanging pegboard is one of the most useful things you can do in a garage, for sure. Of course, you want to make sure that it’s firmly attached, especially if you’re hanging heavier items on there.

    • When you say, “firmly attached” what are some good suggestions for readers to make certain the board is not going to crash down on their car or kids?


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