Boulder Going Green

Some great articles out there on Boulder going green.  All sorts of advantages include healthier lifestyle. Renewable energy.  Conservation of water and energy.   Here are several articles I found to be exceptionally worthwhile on the subject.

Should You Go Green?

Christopher Wedding, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at University of North Carolina writes on the merits of going green.  His article points out that LEED certification is on the rise (commercial buildings) and this is trickling over to residential.   Building green homes doesn’t necessarily cost more. And the energy savings can make a significant difference.  Check out the original article here.

The Nest

Home buyers in Boulder going green can take advantage of technologies like NEST to save money.

My brother-in-law Jeff is an early adopter. He was on the waiting list for his NEST long before I ever saw one in a home and ages ahead of this CNN article.  It points out, consumers today want green features, real energy savings, and luxury.  Oh, and the article also points out, today’s Boulder going green home buyers don’t want to pay extra for it.  Builders are delivering some great technology in new construction homes. From smart thermostats like the NEST to counter tops that automatically charge your mobile phone.

Outdoor Rooms

Another take on Boulder going green is to add a lovely outdoor room.  Many homes have concrete patios or decks.  Take the extra time to make this space special. I read a fantastic blog on the subject by Waterfront Properties. Here is the link.  Rob Thomson writes a really good blog with plenty of neat ideas. I’m going to use his suggestion to add some bold colors to my deck and upgrade the lighting.  We love relaxing outdoors in the summer.

My Experience With Boulder Going Green

A few years ago, I was in the audience for a Re/Max educational event. Karen Storey taught a program on the Green accreditation.  What a great value: 2 days of nonstop education while being filmed as the “live studio audience.”  I got a great deal out of the program. Since then, I have assisted clients in purchasing homes with active solar systems (Mike & Emily, Jason & Alyson).  This technology is wonderful for our community.  Boulder going green is good for home owners, our community and the worlds’ natural resources.

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