Boulder home buying etiquette

a house on a lovely day in early Fall
In inclement weather, wearing slip on shoes is good Boulder home buying etiquette. Then you can remove shoes to protect the owner’s carpets (which may one day be yours).

Home Buying is an emotional process.  The seller is quite possibly letting go of a place with deep emotional ties.  And the buyer is looking for a place to call home.  Common sense and a little Boulder home buying etiquette can go a long ways.  The goal of course, is to buy your perfect Boulder home. With good Boulder home buying etiquette, you’ll achieve this and so much more.

Top 10 Boulder home buying etiquette suggestions

  1. Respect Sellers. On a first visit to a house, keep the numbers down.  You can bring parents or loved ones or an architect back for a second visit once you are closer to making an offer or even during the home inspection.
  2. Be honest with your agent. Are you looking to make a move in 3 months? Or three years? If you are on a somewhat longer search, let your agent know up front.  I want to help you make a move. Knowing you are going to take a slow approach will let me prioritize my time and get you into homes!
  3. Line up your financing.  Too often, the perfect home comes along, and then buyers are devastated to find out they cannot purchase it. Save yourself this time and aggravation by getting pre-approved for your upcoming home loan.
  4. Be flexible on showing times.   It takes a lot of effort for sellers to have their homes in ideal showing condition.  Be timely for showings.  It is common Boulder home buying etiquette to expect some sellers will want overnight notice or a limited time frame.
  5. Respect the competition.  Since 2012, multiple offers are more common.   When you find yourself in this scenario, Boulder home buying etiquette means taking those other unseen offers seriously and adjusting your offer price accordingly.
  6. Sometimes, Sellers will remain home during a showing.   What can you say during such a showing? Bambi’s rabbit friend’s  Mom summed it up: “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Some homes just are not what you are looking for.  Remember to keep your cool and be polite when in someone Else’s home.
  7. Don’t show up unannounced.  No matter how good you and the seller might get along, don’t show up unannounced at your future house for a measurement or to inspect the garden or show the house to a friend. Set all appointments through your agent.  We don’t want to upset the seller who literally is holding the keys to a successful sale.
  8. Boulder house
    Is it good Boulder home buying etiquette is to view open houses you will not buy? Sure. Open houses are a great opportunity to get ideas, see a neighbor’s home or just get an idea for selling your own Boulder home someday.

    Go to open houses.  If you are just curious, or on a long term plan to own by the year 2030, or qualify for this and want THAT, then consider going to open houses versus contacting a Realtor for a showing.

  9. When viewing a home for sale, it is reasonable to take some photographs and detailed notes. But don’t rifle the seller’s belongings or check inside closed dressers. The seller’s belongings are excluded from the sale. Respect the owner’s privacy.
  10. Keep an eye on children. It is common for children to come along to a showing. Be certain to watch your kids.  A child’s natural curiosity is a beautiful thing. On the other hand, other people’s homes have fragile objects, un-child-proofed electrical outlets and possibly household cleaning supplies in unlocked cabinets. Keeping an eye on kids during a showing is important for safety as well as Boulder home buying etiquette.

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