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Mortgage interest rates are affected by current and projected inflation.


Rates Are Good

With a combination of factors from uncertainty in Ukraine to low inflation in the USA, Boulder home mortgage rates remain low.   Home buyers should take advantage of low rates to save on monthly payments.  Bottom line: rates are good, but it would be better for the economy if rates were up and more higher paying jobs were being created.

Factors Affecting Boulder Home Mortgage Rates This Week:

  • Jobless Claims Fell  — as we exit the recession, the unemployment ratio is improving. However it does not appear higher paying jobs are being created by the bucketful.  The reduction in claims is good news for mortgages. 
  • Trade Deficit Lower  — thankfully this is moving in the right direction.
  • Productivity Down  — Keep in mind, Boulder home mortgage interest rates sometimes do better when there is bad news, which causes international investors to move to safety – bonds – which is good for lower rates.
  • Manufacturing Mixed — clearly, more news that is not so great for the economy, but good for buying a home.
  • Ukraine. The uncertainty has capital fleeing the region and seeking safety in bonds.

The Big News On Mortgages

The big Boulder home mortgage news  this week is actually the expansion of USDA eligible lending areas.  USDA financing is ideal for rural areas and allows for safely investing with zero down on your new property.  There are several neighborhoods that qualify for this program near Boulder.   Eligible areas are:

  • Brighton
  • Erie including both Weld and Boulder counties
  • And all of Lyons.

Who Can I Use For My Home Mortgage?

There are a number of great mortgage bankers in the Boulder area.  In no particular order, here are a list of individuals I recommend on a regular basis. Some of these mortgage bankers share newsletter updates with me, and that information is in today’s blog on Boulder House Mortgages. 

  1. Brian Crowder — with Affiliated Financial Group — LINK
  2. Ananda Lantaff — part of Mutual Security Mortgage — LINK
  3. Amanda Sessa — SWBC Mortgage Company
  4. Tom Reum — website
  5. John Arnold  — website
  6. Allison O’Brien — Liberty Boulder Home Mortgage Loans — LINK
  7. Micheala Phillips — Guaranteed Rate — LINK





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