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Congrats – Your Boulder House is Sold

Now what? It is time to move. Here is my step by step moving list. This is a list I have recently – and quite personally – worked on improving by moving myself. The best key: the earlier you start your Boulder home move, the better. I was personally surprised at everything in my house when I started to pack.

boulder home move
Now is a good time to get rid of unnecessary items. This pool table had become a table for us.

Your Boulder home move is an opportunity to purge unnecessary belongings (i.e. is anyone ever going to watch a VHS tape again?). Empty the attic and basement of unneeded items. That unopened high school graduation gift? Probably never going to need it.

Step one: Create a Boulder Home Move checklist

We created a checklist and had folders on our computers as well as a paper folder for our recent Boulder home move. We didn’t move that far, yet it required a five man crew in a semi-truck to get all our stuff from point A to B. We also discovered we had items in some rooms we didn’t want moved room to room – so labeling our boxes was very important.

Ask your Boulder home Mover questions

  1. What is your registration number? Especially when a component of your Boulder home move involves interstate travel, you need to know the company you are dealing with is legit. Interstate movers are required to register with the Department of Transportation Double check the database.
  2. Remember, these guy are going to be barreling ‘cross country with all your belongings in their truck. Will this Boulder mover treat your stuff the way you do?
  3. Does the mover offer insurance? Is it by the pound or for replacement value?

Get an onsite estimate

Our Boulder move company sent Freddie Solsona to our home to get us a quote before the move. She gave us a good idea of the best and worst case scenarios. She also followed up with us the day of the move.

Get quotes for both hourly and a fixed rate package. A good estimator should be able to do this for you. Keep in mind that while the hourly rate for a larger moving crew is more expensive, those extra bodies can result in a much faster move-out lowering your overall cost.

Consider the DIY options

bob gordon realtor
box everything. It doesn’t look like a lot, but in boxes all of this is much easier to move.

In addition to national moving companies, there are plenty of Do It Yourself options these days. You may want to take advantage of a POD move. A company will drop off moving pods, you fill ’em up, then the pods are moved to your new Boulder home after closing and once emptied, the Boulder home move company picks up the emptied pods.

Additional Move Expenses

Your Boulder home move will undoubtedly include some valuables. We moved a number of pieces of art, our beloved photographs and personal items ourselves. We discussed insurance for the china, our flat screen televisions, and the piano.

Moving supplies are also part of the equation. Boxes add up as well as the tape and packing material. Our Boulder moving company supplied complimentary boxes and packing paper. While newsprint is a DIY option, it is really dirty – the ink rubs off on you and your belongings. Personally, I think the moving paper is invaluable.

Suggestions for a great move day

Have a box packed with home related items: light bulbs, paper towels, cleaning supplies. Pack a cooler with cold drinks and snacks. Have a food plan in place so you stay energized. A one day move is a massive undertaking and it is important to stay hydrated and fed as you make your Boulder home move.


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