Boulder home true story

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I read a lot of forums on real estate.  Also try to post comments on different platforms and basically be a good netizen.  Today I’m reminded of a Boulder home true story of mine.  It all comes from reading a post on Bigger Pockets where an owner asks about selling on her own.

The seller, Janaye, is getting her real estate license and is thinking of selling FSBO.  She gets a lot of answers to her question.  Surprisingly, most of the answers are from non-Realtors advising her to retain an agent.  There is a lot of conversation about risk and reward. And this reminds me of my own Boulder home true story.

Last year I had a buyer client. We saw a home he really liked and made an offer. The seller was also the listing agent and this was apparently his first transaction.  He made some terrible decisions in the contract process. Because he is a licensed agent, in the eyes of the court, he is an “expert.”  My client got a screaming good deal.  In fact, my client was so happy with his deal, he referred a friend to me before we even closed.  And I sold that friend’s condo in 2013 in the Wimbledon community.

As you prepare to buy or sell a home, my recommendation is to find a Realtor you like and trust. Interview several.  See if you get along.  Having an experienced agent on your side can save you thousands in negotiations, contracts, inspection.

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