Boulder Mortgage Broker Gives Back To Community December 2012

This is a GUEST POST by one of my trusted mortgage advisers.  Part of the home buying process is having a Mortgage Specialist assist you with financing.  When Ananda is not doing loans, he is busy helping children and the less fortunate through his involvement in the charity The Eye Health Institute.  Here is Ananda’s guest post:

When I’m not helping people with mortgages, you can sometimes find me wearing another hat in the Caribbean.   I was an optician in my ‘previous life’ and am involved with an organization called The Eye Health Institute .  We are a non-profit group that comprehensive eye care for rural Jamaicans in need.  Over Thanksgiving break 2012, we saw over 500 people.  150 people were scanned for glaucoma with a recently procured GDx.   We made 70 pairs of prescription eyeglasses and gave away hundreds of over- the- counter reading glasses and sunglasses.  Our surgical team installed a new microscope that we donated to the local hospital, and performed 5 cataract and 5 corneal transplant surgeries.  It was an outstanding and very successful trip.

A collage of photos - Jamaicans recieving Eye care assistance by a US team of volunteers
Collage of Photos

There was an 8 year old boy that we were able to help.  He really touched me as I have kids close to his age…  He couldn’t see the board and was falling behind the rest of the class.  He was labeled as a goof off and was getting no special attention or help.  We gave him a comprehensive eye exam, and it turns out that he needs glasses.  He was tuning out from the classroom because he couldn’t see!  The look on that boys face was priceless when we put a pair of glasses on.  He lit right up and it was very apparent that he was missing out on the world around him!  Since then, his teacher has noticed an immediate difference, and he has been engaged in his schoolwork again. His story is one of many that has touched our hearts and lives and truly makes it rewarding to do what we do.

Hopefully in this season of giving you can also make a difference in someone’s life.  Volunteer your time, give a charitable contribution to the cause of your choice, reach out to a neighbor that might need some help.

Feel free to comment or share some of your volunteering experiences here… and Happy Holidays!

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