Boulder Moving True Story

I moved my residence yesterday and I completely feel for all my clients that go through moving their home. OMG.   This is my Boulder moving story.  Things to make certain you do when making a move.

  1. Buy more boxes. Everything needs to go into a box. Everything.  Movers can carry three, four even five really heavy boxes at once. Or they can carry a single lamp, as they do not want to damage anything. Boulder moving is cheaper the faster it goes.  More boxes = faster move.
  2. Start early. Hold a garage sale, contact ARC or similar to haul off furnishings.  Work to pare down your belongings before the move.  We discovered we have owned a bread maker. For five years.  Never made bread once and yes, we moved the bloody thing.  Oh, and it wasn’t in a box.  I hope you are laughing.  Boulder moving doesn’t have to mean taking stuff you never use to your new location.
  3. Berg's Small Moves
    Consider a mover to help make your move
    Be completely ready before the movers arrive – probably by several days. We were ready two hours after the movers arrived.  Scrambling while Boulder moving and directing is not a very good idea.
  4. Direct your Boulder moving company as they bring your belongings to your house. We are finding boxes for the basement on the second floor.  Fortunately, we figured this out and moved the really heavy and unneeded giant picture tube TV to the garage with the movers.  Do you need a Television?
  5. Have lots of cash on-hand.  We were ready for this. Helpful for getting food, buying incidentals, tipping the Boulder moving company and more.
  6. Drink plenty of water
  7. Have a box cutter and gloves. Have plenty of tape.
  8. Box everything. I know, I’m repeating this, but I have had to carry a lot of items on extra car trips, so be sure to box everything you own.
  9. Have house cleaners lined up to clean after you leave. Kudos to our cleaning crew!  Elvira and her two helpers did a tremendous job.
  10. Use quality AND free moving supplies. Learn more on that here!

Wrap Up To My Boulder Moving Story

I hope it is okay to be honest with you.  I enjoy selling houses and helping clients that are dreaming of a Boulder moving experience to their new home!  This was a big learning experience and hopefully you will benefit from my experiences.  That’s the scoop.  Leave a comment, I would enjoy hearing from you.

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