Boulder Natural Grocery Stores

Boulder Farmer's market
Boulder natural grocery stores range from seasonal farmer’s markets to big box retailers.

Boulder Eats Healthy; Do You?

Do you live to eat or eat to live? Chances are, no matter how you answer the question, you’ll find Boulder natural grocery stores to meet your needs and eating preferences.   Just in the City of Boulder you will find:

  • Whole Foods, with several locations
  • Ideal Market (a Whole Foods with local branding)
  • Vitamin Cottage
  • Sprouts — a store that merged with locally developed Sunflower la year or two ago
  • Alfalfa’s — including their 2nd location in Louisville (open 6/27/14)
  • Lucky’s
  • The Boulder Farmers Market and more.

Boulder natural grocery stores offer gluten free options, dairy free, but alas, not free free.  Alfalfa’s prides itself on offering great vitamins and has an amazing Juice Bar.

Juicing Fast aka A True Story

My wife and I just completed this great juice fast.  It was designed by Charley Cropley.  We adjusted our diet for a few days and then limited ourselves to Energy Soup, Beiler’s Broth and four juices plus as much water as we wanted and a drink called Master Cleanse.  Holy Cow.  We dropped a good deal of weight in those five days for sure.  But something else happened.  Every day I found myself in Alfalfa’s – IMHO  the best of the Boulder natural grocery stores.

Alfalfas mascot
Alfalfas mascot, Boulder Colorado location

Alfalfa’s worked closely with the sixty participants in the juice fast. Each day we received freshly squeezed vegetable drinks and significant discounts on great organic produce once the fast was complete.

I discovered all this really healthy food.  My diet now – about a month later – includes a lot more salad, vegetables, fruits and nuts.   I’ve really cut out the burgers, take out food and pancakes.   Yeah, my weakness is pancakes and pecan rolls.  I’ve also cut way back on coffee with this new eating regimen – I just don’t need nearly as much caffeine these days.

Trader Joe’s Too

I didn’t mention but should. We have a Trader Joe’s in Boulder these days.  The store offers plenty of great food, mostly under their own label.  I’ve blogged extensively on this supermarket, so check out the link here.

Highlights of the Greengrocery Options

Whole Foods entry, seen from outside, to the west, the mountains are just visible.
Whole Foods Boulder Natural Grocery Stores offer three locations. This is the flagship location.

Whole Foods offers one of the best seafood departments in the region.  If for no other reason, the Boulder location should be on your list of places to shop.   The store (as well as Alfalfa’s) also offers a free tasting day a few weeks prior to Thanksgiving. It is like a mini holiday – be sure to go and try all the great food.

We also like the bulk coffee beans at Whole Foods, as well as the wonderful delicatessen. Tip: try the broccoli salad. It has raisins, onions and mayo. Really good.

Sprouts – Of the myriad Boulder natural grocery stores, offers a great selection of dried fruit, packaged and bulk nuts/seeds and good values on fresh produce.   It feels like you can find good quality without paying a fortune.  We’ve had hit or miss experiences in the meat department, and I like the value on some items in the fish market.

Lucky’s another store I wrote a blog post on. This store is expanding btw. There are multiple Colorado locations and they are trying to move national as well. Really great spaces for shopping, open, bright, friendly.  Read more on this Boulder bodega now.

Though not really one of the Boulder natural grocery stores, the Boulder County Farmers Market is an excellent option for getting super fresh farm to table ingredients.  I’m delighted the market is back up for the season.  This is one of my favorite things to do on a Wednesday evening — before going to Bands On the Bricks.

Dinner Time

It’s dinner time now, so I have to run prepare something to eat. Looks like Tuna bits from Alfalfa’s – amazing tuna, just the little pieces that are left over and at a great price: $13/pound. A salad with fresh greens from our visit to the farmer’s market and Kale from the mini market /Vitamin Cottage near our home.  Have a great night!!

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