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When it comes to buying your next home, you might be tempted to check out the Boulder new construction home market.  After all, having a home built just for you can be very exciting.  There are two general types of Boulder new construction homes: Custom and tract new subdivision homes.  These two concepts couldn’t be more different from one another.  In the Boulder new construction home market, the price differential can be staggering as well.

Learn about the different kinds of new construction homes.

Boulder Custom Homes

Just like it sounds. Custom construction tends to be one of a kind.  In Boulder new construction, you will frequently see remodeled homes in this group. Part of the reason?  Remodels can be approved much more quickly than new construction.  

New Tract Home Subdivision Building

Boulder New Construction Homes such as this one in Stardance
Get exactly what you want with Boulder new construction homes

The vast majority in and around the community ofboulder new construction homes is production, or tract home building.   Boulder home buyers still get to make a lot of choices.  However, there are only so many floor plans and lots tend to be similar.  These sorts of new home communities are sometimes referred to as cookie cutter.  Of course, over time, landscaping changes, new exterior improvements, even additions, will really change a neighborhood. 

Rock Creek in Superior is a good example of a tract home subdivision.   This community offered the classic new construction experience.  Home shoppers were able to select from a set number of floor plans.  The builder benefited from economies of scale.  Their staff of carpenters, plumbers, roofers (etc.) quickly learned each floor plan and were able to build the community quickly. Faster construction times = greater profits for the developer.

There are all manner of upgrades and floor plan decisions to be made.  Frequently buyers can elect to upgrade the floor coverings, paint, texture on walls, appliances, counter tops, cabinets,  light packages and more.   Of course, whether you are looking at Longmont or Boulder new construction homes, when it comes to upgrades, be cautious.  Not every upgrade is an improvement!

Upgrades and Your Realtor

A good buyer’s agent can advise you on the value of upgrades.  My parents purchased a new construction home in Sun City, Summerlin.  The house had been mostly finished when the first buyer fell out of contract.  My parents didn’t like the finishes the previous buyer had selected, so the builder changed these out to make the sale. 

I mention this, because even though you might say, “this is my Forever home!”  But circumstances do change.  Your job could relocate you or give you that big fat raise allowing you to purchase a bigger nicer home.  Whatever.  When you sell, you definitely don’t want to change all the finishes again.  So be cautious in balancing what you want with what is popular.  Here is an article that drives home the point!

My First Two Homes

The first two homes I purchased? New construction.  What I found though, is this takes a lot of work. I had to select so many features. I researched magazines to see what different cabinet styles and floor coverings looked like before making decisions.

Some buyers love all the options. Others (guys, hello !) just want to move in and start relaxing.  New homes also frequently have additional costs after you close: landscaping, sprinklers, window coverings.  So be sure to budget for these additional items.

For the consumer interested in making all of these choices, my biggest advice would be to have a solid budget going into the process. There are so many choices to make.  You don’t want to over improve your house.  First off, those upgrades add up quickly.  Secondly, should you have to sell, an over-improved house will not get you a good return on your investment. 

I had a client who was renting and ready to buy her first home.  She liked where she was at, but found herself surrounded by dog owners.  The barking was driving her nuts. 

So, she moved into a new subdivision, selecting many features, but balancing it with what was popular.  Alas, dog owners were in that neighborhood  as well.   Though the new house had all of her dream features, the dog issues remained a nuisance.

Eventually, she moved again, this time to a Boulder new construction homes subdivision featuring big quiet lots.  Where she decided owning a dog would make for great company and her pet could run around with all that space!  True story!!  People move for all sorts of reasons.

Realtors and Boulder New Construction Homes

You – the home buyer – can absolutely have a Realtor represent you when you purchase a new construction home.  Though the people in the model homes are super nice and sweet, they represent the builder. Their goal is to give up the fewest concessions, keep the process on track and net the builder the highest return.  A Buyer’s Agent can protect your best interests when buying Boulder new construction homes. 

Recently, while accompanying a client through their new tract house during the pre-drywall meeting, I was able to point out several missing components from the buyer’s contract.  Simple oversight.  But this kept the home on track for closing and Lori & Justin didn’t lose the features they wanted. 

Believe it or not, builders make mistakes.  If you are going the new home route, plan time into your schedule to visit the house on a regular basis throughout the building process.

Boulder New Construction vs Longmont vs Erie – where should I buy?

Budget is apt to play a role in where you buy.  But also, so will style, lot and location!

Different areas in Boulder offer different opportunities. 

  • Erie for instance (straddling Weld and Boulder counties) offers a number of subdivisions for sale; many start at reasonable prices for first time home buyers.  Weld County is embracing frakking and home to many farmers.  Those needs can run counter to home owners.
  • Prospect New Town in Longmont offers homes from yesteryear with today’s finishes. This high end boutique community promotes New Urbanism.
  • Out east, check out Anthem Ranch. A stellar example of active adult living – residents must be 55 and over.  Of course, the community boasts a stellar recreation center and ranch style living!  There are many similar communities sprouting up along the Front Range.
  • There are even Boulder builders constructing spec – speculation – homes.  These tend to be big beautiful homes in highly desirable neighborhoods built without a sales contract in place.  The developer is banking on a buyer coming along during the construction phase.
  • The Big Boulder Remodel.  Drive along the quiet western fringes of Boulder – say up along 4th-5th-6th and you inevitably find an older house purchased for location and being renovated into a contemporary beauty.   These tend to be one-of-a-kind custom homes. 

Boulder new construction homes frequently feature units in the permanently affordable category.  PA homes are sold for a fraction of regular price. See here for more details.  Believe it or not, there are homes at all price points for those buyers seeking new construction.  Here are some searches on Boulder New Construction homes.  Or call me to refine your search.

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