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Sunday Open House Sells Homes

Flowers, Flyers and boxes of goodies on a table top
Open House

Low key, no pressure, move at your own pace.  Good chance to see a dream home, discover upgrades you can do on your own, or just get a better view of a neighbors garden.   A Boulder open house is a great opportunity to fall in love with a home and purchase it.  This blog post is about the things I do to make my open house a success.  The ultimate success is finding a buyer.

This year I sold Nancy B.’s house by hosting a Boulder Open House.

First things First

Early in the week, I make certain an open house will be okay for the upcoming weekend.  An ad is placed in the Boulder Daily Camera.  The open house is marketed online on Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia and through the MLS. A sign rider is added to the yard sign notifying drive-by visitors their will be an open house on Sunday, 1 to 3 pm.

The Pehls, on the left (Kory and Rejane and kids) and Jody Tracy on right
Rejane and Kory Pehl, with kids (L to R); Jody Tracy far right. Past clients at my open house.

I like to invite past clients who live in the area to my open houses. Someone I have already worked with may know of a friend who likes the community.  If time permits, I will pass out a few dozen flyers to neighbors notifying them of the open house as well.

On the day of the open house, I will place fifteen to thirty yard signs. About one in three visitors sees a sign and comes to the open house.  I have had runners, cyclists, motorcyclists (you can tell the difference by their helmets and footwear), neighbors and serious buyers in open houses – sometimes all at once.

What to expect at my Boulder open house

The day of the open house I post an online message – using social media sites. This is a good way to share a last minute invite. The post includes a photo of the house being held open.

Balloons with Realtor logo at doorway to an open house
Festive Atmosphere

During the open house, I have a drawing for a coffee card at a nearby/local coffee shop.  Balloons add a festive feeling — kids love ’em.   There are treats for the “big” visitors too.  Fun miniature take-out boxes filled with cookies and chocolates plus bottled water — you have to keep you energy when looking at open houses.  I have full color tabloid flyers for buyers. The flyers have all the details plus plenty of photographs (good for when you get home, tired and want to remember a detail).

My open houses are festive and vibrant.  Usually there are several groups in a home at once and quite often I get to see past clients.

Following Up after my Boulder open house

Flyers, gift boxes and bottled water
Flyers, gift boxes, bottled water and a coffee drawing

First, I have to collect all those signs. LOL. Then I post some more on social media, select a winner to the coffee card and send that out. If a prospective client has questions I was unable to answer, I find the information and forward.  Other times I send along additional MLS info.  Believe it or not, a 2 hour Sunday open house can easily be a half day endeavor; its all worth it when I find the buyer for your home while hanging out on a Sunday.   Sure hope to see you at my next open house.

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