Boulder Open Space Teller Farm Trailhead

horses grazing at teller farm
Lovely view of wild? horses grazing under the mountains at Teller Farm trailhead


Evening Hike On Boulder Open Space

Julie and I took an evening hike at Teller Farm Trailhead in Boulder.  There is plenty to explore here.  We watched birds explode out of tall grass as we passed by, saw a Heron cruise over a field and wondered what might live around the lake.  We also found ourselves stuck while a herd of cows used a gate to move from one field to another.

Boulder Open Space offers grand vistas
mountain view boulder
My camera really doesn’t convey how amazing the views are at Teller Farm Trailhead


Where Is Teller Farm Trailhead?

The city open space is accessed along Arapahoe between 76th and  95th.  Drive down a dirt and gravel road to an ample parking area. We saw what looked like bathrooms and some picnic tables, but were focused on a hike.  There are a couple of options and a really nice dock you can walk onto in the middle of a lake.

east boulder trail
Take the East Boulder Trail or the Teller Lake Trail.


teller lake trail

Views And Vistas At Boulder’s Teller Farm Trailhead

We enjoyed gorgeous reflective views of homes in Park Lake from the trail, unbeatable mountain views of the Flatirons, wild horses grazing under purple mountain peaks and more.   Hiking in the evening offered great views and solitude, but the canals and lake draw plenty of ‘skeeters, so next time we’ll go back during the day.

house reflection
I caught the reflection in this photo. Gorgeous views abound of houses along a lake, mountains and farm life
dock on lake
Venture onto the dock near Park Lake Boulder.
home on lake
Several homes line this quiet lake
teller farm trailhead sign
Watch for this sign along Arapahoe. Turn north onto a dirt and gravel road.  Official website for Parks & Rec


canal with water in boulder colo
Canals and a lake offer plenty of water and diversity to the landscape
colorado cows
cows blocking our path on Teller farm trail
bob gordon realtor
Blog author Bob Gordon waiting for the cows to come home and stop blocking the path
parking at open space
Ample parking is available at Teller Farm Trailhead
wild horses
Photo by Boulder Real Estate News. Caption: Wild Horses, couldn’t drag me away.



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