Boulder Organic Grocery Store

These days, you can really walk into any grocery and find organic and natural food options.  The King Soopers and Safeway stores have excellent departments.  But if you are seeking a store with dedication to this style of food, there are a few excellent choices when it comes to finding the ideal Boulder organic grocery shopping experience.

Whole Foods Sets The Bar High For The Boulder Organic Grocery Store Scene

If you haven’t visited yet, Whole Foods offers a wonderful grocery experience. The Austin, Texas based grocery know organic and natural foods.   You’ll find a wide selection pre made foods at most locations, an excellent bakery, seafood and meat selection.  Locations abound in Boulder.  Let’s see, there are stores at Baseline & Broadway, Superior, The Ideal Market in NoBo is really Whole Foods.  And the Flagship store for the area is at 28th and Pearl. 

Whole Foods entry, seen from outside, to the west, the mountains are just visible.
Whole Foods Boulder Natural Grocery Stores offer three locations. This is the flagship location.

Plus, this beloved Boulder Organic Grocery is opening a new, state of the art store in Longmont at the revamped Twin Peaks Mall later this year or early 2016.Vitamin Cottage Boulder

Excellent selection of natural products at this Boulder organic grocery.  There are locations around town including next door to Whole Foods on Pearl and 28th as well as a bustling location in Lafayette.  Fresh produce and well priced super foods highlight our visits to Vitamin Cottage.

Boulder Sprouts

Created to satisfy the demand for an affordable priced alternative to “Whole Paycheck” the Sprouts concept has local roots.  This Boulder organic grocery option offers locations at 28th and Arapahoe as well as Baseline and 30th.  There is a popular location in Lafayette at Hwy 287 and S. Boulder road too.  The store has an excellent selection of packaged bulk foods – such as sun dried raisins, cranberries, chocolates, seeds, etc. 

Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, Sprouts, Sunflower and Alfalfa’s are all Boulder natural grocers

Are you gluten free? There’s a store for that.  Avoiding dairy? Boulder natural grocers offer options galore.  Allergic to this or that? Just seeking a healthy lifestyle? Boulder is a natural foods haven with plenty of excellent options.  Plus, there is Trader Joe’s, a Walmart Grocery store in NoBo, King Soopers and Safeway.  Each of these offers products catering to the Boulder organic grocery crowd.  And don’t forget the Boulder Farmer’s Market

Vegatables in bins lining the walkway leading to a sunny Boulder Sprouts Farmer Market
Sprouts Boulder organic grocery store at 28th and Arapahoe near the Marriott Hotel


Locally Owned Alfalfa’s

The Louisville store just celebrated their One Year Anniversary. You know you are a Realtor when you wind up at a bloody grocery store for both Opening Day and the one year anniversary. Ha.  But in all fairness, the anniversary visit was quite by chance, I was showing property to clients relocating to the area.

Alfalfa’s is a home grown grocer with some excellent tie-ins.  Looking for fresh sushi? Alfalfa’s sushi bar is operated by a local restaurant.  Be sure to try the seaweed salad.  Of course, perhaps best known and operating a state of the art shopping experience is Whole Foods.  Alfalfas just celebrated one year at thier new Louisville location!!  My favorite item, available only in Boulder is the Pecan Roll baked by Udi’s Bakery. To Die For.  There, I said it.

louisville alfalfas front door
Louisville Alfalfas just celebrated it’s one year anniversary.


Boulder Farmer’s Market

In addition to the grocers, there is also the Boulder Farmer’s Market.  Running Spring to Fall (official site: Boulder Farmer’s Market is open).  Be sure to check it out on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm.  In addition to the freshest, most locally grown produce, you’ll hear live music and enjoy tasty hot snacks with an international flair.  The market has been a fixture in the City of Boulder since 1986.  Best bet: park in a public parking garage and avoid any risk of a parking ticket.

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  • Excellent craft coffee:Precision Pours and Pauls Coffee in Louisville.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Taken to all new levels of deliciousness at Snooze, Walnut Cafe, Tangerine, Turley’s and Lucille’s Cajun Eatery, or Boulder’s beloved The Buff.
  • Italian is one of my favorites.  My dish is the Pasta Carbonara.  I’m challenged making it at home, so love to order it out.  Try Parma in Louisville, Carelli’s in Boulder or the annual festivals or Four Star big city cuisine (and a big pop to the wallet, but memorable) at Frasca.

What’s your favorite dining experience? Or best recommendation to be added to my list of Boulder organic grocery locations?  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.  And by the way, I’m Realtor Bob Gordon Blogger, skier, hiker.  If I can help you with a home sale or purchase, please give me a shout at 303-443-3334.


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