Boulder Photography of your home for sale

Photography. Pictures. A Thousand Words.

We get 1 opportunity to make a great impression. With real estate, this impression could easily occur before anyone even steps inside our home.  With so many buyers starting their home searches online , it is critical to have excellent photographs, videos and virtual tours of our living spaces.

Its not news, Boulder’s real estate market is hot and great pictures of homes are popular.

My Uncle’s Mother’s Boyfriend Gave Us This Amazing Thinga-Ma-Jiggy

Buyers want to see your house and imagine themselves at home.  They don’t care about the espresso set, knife block or infamous Fondue set from your wedding.

I don’t know what it is about Fondue sets – everyone seems to own an unused one from their wedding. 

I digress. The important concept here is put all that stuff away for the photography of your Boulder home.  Ideally, keep it away for showings as well. Clear counter tops in a kitchen are more appealing.  Open layouts that allow potential buyers to walk about are preferred.

Closets and Storage

As a rule of thumb, try to eliminate one in three items in your closets.  Buyers like to see the extra storage space they can utilize, not the the space you have used up.  Figure buyers are going to look everywhere, so start packing – think of it as a head start for moving day.

Pair down belongings for picture day and showings.

I have a camera

I have so many great pictures with my head cut off by a well meaning stranger that took my picture.  Pretty funny for memories, but not what we need when selling your house. I want top dollar for your Boulder house – that’s the news.  Professional photographers have the advantages of years of training, great gear and a high quality flash.  Pictures taken on a personal camera or cell phone can look dingy, dark, small.  A professional will bring a wide angle lens that opens up your space. And a high powered flash will fill in light, warming rooms and brightening corners.  I’ll also shoot a few photographs, to support your listing.  Most photos I leave to the professionals – they are so much better at telling a story of a 1,000 words.

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  1. Great pictures can do wonders for a home, that is listed for sale in Boulder. So many people forget the little things that can mean big things. Great advice here for those who are trying to sell in Boulder!


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