Boulder Public Transportation

Getting around Boulder

Colorful RTD bus and station stop in Boulder, Colorado
Boulder RTD

My focus in Boulder is residential real estate – houses, condos and small investment properties. A key attribute for buying a property can be the location or proximity to services and recreation. Boulder, Colorado has a strong transportation network in place to help you get around town.  Where to start? Boulder, Co has an excellent bus system in place, operated by the Regional Transportation District, commonly referred to as RTD.

Hop, Skip, Jump

The bus network in Boulder has several components. There are central stations for transportation to regional locations such as Denver, Broomfield, Interlocken or even the ski resorts.  And there are numerous local stops are easily getting around Boulder.  Routes in Boulder have three general groupings: Hop, Skip, Jump – with each category relating to how far the bus will go on it’s loop or route before restarting. Hop routes are very short, but also reoccur quite frequently and are positioned where many people are likely be – near the University of Colorado, the 29th Street Mall, Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall.

RTD offers a helpful ECO Pass – a ticket pass good for a year on all buses eliminating the need for exact change.  This is ideal for students and those hoping to drive less – a very achievable goal in Boulder, Co.   Not ready to give up your car? No problem.  Check out helpful bus routes such as RTD Skyride. An easy way to save big when traveling through Denver International Airport.

In my next blog, I’ll be talking about the great new social tool: Walk Score.

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