Boulder Real Estate Closing

Before You Close On Your New Boulder Home

Before you ever get to the Boulder real estate closing, you first look at homes for sale, write an offer, have an inspection, appraisal and final loan approval. And a few more steps.

There are all the disclosures, such as the Sq Ft Addendum to find out where the Home Seller is getting the measurements of the house from. 

The closing itself is the culmination of all your efforts.   The closing is the official moment the house becomes yours. Or if you are the seller, the moment when your mortgage is paid off and you get your check.

Who Attends Closing?

Either all in the same room at the same time or separately, the Buyer, Seller, their agents, the lender, a title representative and any attorneys. 

Though frequently, its just the clients and agents in the Boulder real estate closing along with a title officer.

A Boulder real estate closing generally takes sixty to ninety minutes.  The seller and buyer frequently sign at the same time. Or the two parties will close separately. Sometimes folks bring their kids. Totally fine. Just keep in mind it can be boring for little ones.

Lakmal and Chandi, signing at their closing on their new home
Your Boulder real estate closing can take sixty to 90 minutes. And then you own your new home!

Buyers have a great deal of documents to sign.  The title company is very particular about the way you sign. Your signature needs to match the way you are taking title according to the sales contract.

Quick Tip: double check the Bill of Sale has the correct sales price and address for your new home.

Be sure to bring positive identification, such as a driver’s license.

Your Realtor will be on hand to answer any questions and advise you as you sign all the documents.

A Title Closer will present and briefly explain each document.  Once everything is signed at your Boulder real estate closing, the title rep will make copies for everyone – electronic or print or both.   

This is the moment when the buyer completes the purchase and the seller passes over the keys and any comments on living in the neighborhood.  

Sometimes owners will talk about operating the lawn sprinklers or mention that such and such neighbor makes the best deserts at neighborhood block parties.

And its not uncommon for one agent or another to need one more signature on a disclosure.

Post Home Closing

in a Boulder real estate closing Chris poses with deed of trust
Chris shows off his deed of trust. Its official, this is the moment in a Boulder real estate closing when you become the new owner!

Sometimes funds will be set aside in escrow.  When this happens, the title company will disburse funds after a milestone has been reached.  Say a repair being completed and both parties signing off on the item.

The title company will also supply a final title policy a few weeks following closing.  In our market though, all the paperwork, signatures, keys and payment are exchanged at the Boulder real estate closing.  Once you sign and pay – its a done deal.

Boulder Title Company

Boulder real estate closings frequently take place at a title company. Here are several that operate in Boulder (there are more!) First Colorado, Land Title, Chicago Title, American and Fidelity.

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