Boulder Real Estate Signs 2013

Bob Gordon remax real estate sign with flyer box, never ending flyer and rider
Bob Gordon Real Estate Sign

I’ve been blogging about the signs of the times, that now is a great time to buy and sell a house.  Today’s post is just about signs –the real estate signs that are placed in front yards.  Seems simple enough, and yet it seems like one of those details that so many agents get wrong in today’s market.

A good sign is going to attractively market the listing. It is clean, with an attached flyer box.  The flyer box should be filled with high quality enlightening flyers about the house in question.  A good sign will have informative riders and ideally, a “Never Ending Flyer.”  Too often, I see competitors with dirty signs, half way fallen over and no flyer box.  Owners deserve more from today’s agents.

But not all signs are created equally.  

Never ending flyer attached by chain to Bob Gordon's re/max for sale sign
Never Ending Flyer is laminated and attached with a chain. On reverse side is an QR code for smart phone


Curb appeal starts with a great sign

The first things a buyer sees when visiting your home is the house from the curb and the real estate sign.   Invest in a sledge hammer and pound the sign into the ground.   Take a few moments to make certain your sign is clean and attractive.  My signs have riders.  When there is going to be an Open House, I add a rider with the day and time.  Most of the time, there is a simple rider with my best phone number.

a tabloid style flyer from a Bob Gordon remax sign
Full color front and back tabloid flyers

Next up, attach a flyer box and fill it with top quality flyers. My flyers are tabloid sized, full color with tons of photos and information.    I also attach a “Never Ending Flyer,” which is a laminated flyer with some information that is attached by a chain to the sign. In the very least, a buyer can get the details if the flyer box is empty or if just passing by, while say, walking in the neighborhood.  I make certain clients have fifty flyers to start, so we can keep the box filled. Give me a call, I can always print more and get the flyers to you in a timely manner.

My goal is your house sold quickly, for top dollar and with the least amount of hassle. Having a quality sign that is ready in your front yard is the least I can do to get your home sold.

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