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You Can Anything About A House Except Location, Location, Location!

There is a wise adage in real estate. The three most important attributes in a new home are: Location, location and location!  Or put another way, in Boulder remodeling allows you to take your amazing location and change your house to be the home of your dreams. 

If your dream is to live in Boulder, there isn’t anything you can do to your existing house in Kansas to make it be in Boulder (well, you can sell it!). 

The Advantages of a Boulder Remodeling Project

When you take your beautifully located lot and update your house, its a winning combination.  Making changes to an existing structure can frequently be much more affordable than starting from scratch and buying a lot.  Also, remodeling allows you to purchase a wonderful Boulder location and the make the updates while living in your new home.  That might work for a small to mid sized project.   Then again, for those really big projects, you are probably not living in the house during the construction period.

Boulder Colorado Home Remodel future bathroom. framed out, you can see through the walls where this boulder remodeling project is going. Sort of a look inside a house. wiring, pipes, subfloor all visisble
Future 1/2 bath on main level.  A remodeling project may simply add one or two missing features.

The Really Big Boulder Remodeling Project 

Let’s say you want to have a home in Boulder.  Some of the attributes important to you include:

  • centrally located home.
  • walking distance to shopping, dining and the outdoors.
  • located near a bus line — but not on a busy street.
  • available for move-in within six months of now.
  • spacious contemporary floor plan including vaulted ceilings and plenty of garage space.

Sounds like a gorgeous house.  But you know what? You search for that home and keep coming up short on features.  Or  the location is all wrong.  Or the house is over priced or simply out of your budget.  Does this mean you are living in Erie?  No!

This is where the Boulder remodeling project makes ideal sense.  We can find a home that offers intangible features: location, views, lot size.  These are inherent to the lot.  Next, let’s explore what might be.  We’ll work with an architect to redesign the space and imagine your new dream home in its place. 

I’ve blogged on the rules surrounding building in Boulder – view this page for the details on navigating the construction process for your Boulder Remodeling or Major Renovation Project!

A really big Boulder remodel might change all but a single wall of the existing house.  This sort of home renovation project can be really seriously involved.  In Boulder Colorado, you’ll want your team in place before you select the house.  Now is the time to retain a Realtor, architect, lender and builder.  When you see a potential home site, you want to be able to run it by your team and the city to make certain you can achieve your goals. 

The upside: you are not digging a new foundation or hauling away all of the old house (not usually at least).  Renovation projects like this can be conceived, executed and completed in a reasonable time frame.  You’ll have permits to pull, but more modestly priced than starting from dirt.   And the time frame for house facelift like this is quite manageable. 

home under construction
My dream home. Or a remodel might completely re-envision a house, keeping a wall from the past structure (rules vary on what the minimum will be for your Boulder remodeling project).

Size and Scope Of Your Remodeling Project In Boulder

You might be adding some square footage.  Or a room.  Or changing a wing.  As you revamp your living space, you might add 6,000 square feet or simply bump out a wall for that crucial extra 200 square feet.  Regardless of how comprehensive your re-imagining is, this is the exciting opportunity to create that new look you dream of, in your perfect location!

Some restrictions apply.  The City of Boulder has myriad rules.  From the height of your new domicile to materials and everything in between. Many neighborhoods have rules to ensure new homes fit with the community.  A couple of locations popular for opportunities like this include The Newlands (lots really lend themselves to new ideas), NoBo and Devil’s Thumb.

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