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Rock Park Spinning

One of Boulder’s best kept secrets is the Boulder Rock Park.  I think that is what everyone calls it, though the official name is Arapahoe Ridge Park.  The park is located near Eisenhower Elementary School.  If you get there, you are very close to the park.  The park is really a great little oasis in a sea of residences.  Over the years, we have had so much fun in this park. There is a long section that is ideal for throwing a Frisbee or playing with your dog/kids.

Looking down the park, there is a wide meadow of grass, surrounded by tall trees on either side.

There is also a wonderful spinning children’s carousel.  Just good old time fun, with plenty of space to play.  There is also some outdoor play gear. But the highlight of the park is the Rock Park area.

The first time we saw it, I wasn’t certain what it was.  Turns out, it is a handmade, multiple chamber multilevel climbing and cave system.  It isn’t overly large, but is a wonderful space for children to pre-teens to climb about.  If you have visited a play area at a fast food restaurant, you know kids love to climb about. This takes playing to a whole new level for children. And their parents.

Looking at Rock Park from above
Looking at Rock Park from above
snow on the ground, there is an opening into a rock structure, sort of like a cave or mine entrance. It looks fun
An entrance to cave play area


There was the time I thought I would crawl through with my son and for a moment, felt I was as stuck has Winnie the Pooh in the rabbit hole. Pretty much freaked me out.  But, here I am, alive and well, and telling you about my adventures – so just know there are some pretty tight spaces.  And it is probably best for kids, not six foot four Realtors.  My son and his friends love playing at the park (when they were little).  I’m sure your children will get a big kick out this one-of-a-kind play area.

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