Boulder Spanish Hills

Wide Open Vistas

An outstanding characteristic of Boulder Spanish Hills has to be the endless views of the Colorado Front Range and open prairie.  Located along the mesa, this area offers gorgeous views.  Big lots compliment a community of a very few homes.   The area is technically in Boulder County, but lives like Boulder.  It is a 5 minute drive to most of south and central Boulder.

boulder spanish hills mountain view
get ready for stunning mountain and prairie vistas while living in Boulder Spanish Hills


Boulder Is Rustic, Er, Boulder Remodels

Drive around this area of Boulder Colo and you will find a wide variety of homes. From rustic 50’s construction to contemporary dream homes on beautiful view lots.   The real trick for living in this area is taking action quickly when a home becomes available.   There are not that many houses and as a result, homes in Boulder Spanish Hills rarely come up for sale.  When these houses are available, the price point is frequently better than $1,000,000.

prairie home boulder colorado
Prairie home in Boulder’s Spanish Hills subdivision


Boulder Country Roads

I always enjoy driving about in Paragon Estates and Boulder Spanish Hills. The roads feel lazy and don’t really go anywhere in particular.   Absolutely beautiful views abound and it is just so quiet.  Generally, home buyers are looking twenty to forty minutes outside of Boulder to achieve a similar country feeling.

older home in boulder colo
A wide variety of homes in this area, everything from original to contemporary remodels on big lots


Boulder Spanish Hills Photo Blog

View the photos and you’ll see fifties built homes alongside contemporary prairie ranches.  Not pictured: this community is very horse friendly.  Most properties allow horses.  And best of all, with the recent court ruling this week, there is no longer a taxable road lien placed on properties in Boulder County – I expect to see homes in the county surge in the 2nd half of 2014.

boulder contemporary homerolling hills in boulder coloboulder ranch homePictured above, a ranch style home with a walk-out basement in Boulder Spanish Hills.  Homes are trading above $1 million in general in this country setting of Boulder Colo.  Below, a contemporary remodel home in Boulder Spanish Hills.

modern home boulder cogrand entry boulder colo

amazing mountain views boulder spanish hills
Enjoy amazing Boulder Spanish Hills mountain views

prairie in boulder spanish hills






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