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Infill Project

Creating a new neighborhood well within the defined space of a city is a neat project.  Boulder Steelyards is a great example.  The neighborhood took an underutilized City location and created a beautiful and vibrant live-work community.  This is smart growth at its best.

Humble Beginnings Of A Steelyard

Believe it or not, Boulder Steelyards got its start as an authentic foundry and steel yard.  Changing economics of steel led to the disuse of the Boulder location.  Investors and developers saw the potential with Boulder Steelyards and the community came to fruition.

school house
The little school house is the soul of the community in Boulder Steelyards


Live, Work, Play

Today Boulder Steelyards boasts many businesses, eateries and plenty of housing.  The adorable community is centered on a community park and a pretty single room school house.  The school house is a functioning day care facility.

Friendly signage, plenty of sidewalks and a natural feeling of community
Boulder steelyards buildings
The Boulder Steelyards is an idyllic live-work community


A wide variety of businesses call Boulder Steelyards home.  Insurance, real estate, banking and the list goes on.  There are diverse housing options as well.  Some of the units are part of the Boulder Permanently Affordable program.  Many units offer fabulous mountain and city views.

Pekoe Sip House

While photographing the neighborhood, I stop in for a coffee. A friendly staff is present. The barista tells me its just a job. At night he is in a band pursuing his passion.  He has a teaching degree, but is not ready to start a 9-5 career.


Pekoe Sip House
Pekoe Sip House, Boulder Steelyards
Pekoe Sip House in Boulder Steelyards
Anchoring the concept of live work is the Pekoe Sip House in Boulder Steelyards


The coffee shop offers baked goods, a wide selection of drinks, wifi and even a bowl of water for your furry friends outside.   Boulder Steelyards is a great example of chic urban architecture.  Over twenty buildings house everything from residential homes to light commercial. In coming years, the community will be well positioned near the future light rail transit hub.  For now, it is a great neighborhood for work, play and dining.

town houses Boulder Colorado
Town homes at The Boulder Steelyards
Town house in Boulder Colorado
Condo and Town House layouts at Boulder Steelyards


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