Boulder Top Ten: make an excellent first impression

Top Ten Boulder Getting Your Home Ready To Show

Make an awesome first impression
Make an awesome first impression

First impressions are a big deal. Remember dressing up for the first day of school? My mom would take us shopping a few weeks in advance for new school clothes. That first day of school, she made sure we showered, ate a good breakfast (Dad made the fresh squeezed OJ) and wore one of our new outfits. By the time of Homecoming, I was back in the holy jeans, dirty T-Shirt and hooded sweatshirt. But you get the idea, first impressions are key.

1. Bring in a professional house cleaner. You might be surprised, but it is human nature to become accustomed to what is around you. A good cleaning service will see everything you missed.

2. Follow up that visit with professional window cleaning. Reputable companies clean the inside and out of each pane, plus the screen as well as the track.

3. Remove extra furniture. Try to pick one or two pieces in each room and store or just give away to Goodwill/Arc. Open your home – remember, buyers are looking for space not stuff.

4. Clear out the garage. Men will quickly view two important spaces: the basement and the garage. Be certain to make a good impression on this important decision maker. You should be able to park two cars in the garage.

5. Update your front door lockset and be certain your Realtor is using a reliable and easy to operate lockbox. Invest in a locksmith visit; keep it super easy to access your home.

6. Clean behind big items. Pull your dryer away from the wall. Likely, you will be surprised at what you find.

7. Hire a handyman for a few hours. All the little things you have lived with – the window that will not lock, the impossible to change light fixture and more will be easy projects for a good handyman.

8. Service the furnace, air conditioner, fireplace, etc with a professional. Keep receipts for new owners. Buyers love to see a well maintained home.

9. Put away your personal photos. Allow buyers to envision themselves living in the house. Cast a wide net with a clean and inviting home.

10. Reduce what is in your closet. Box up about a third of your belongings. Take this time to reduce. Rather than show an overflowing closet, show one with extra room. Empty space sells.

11. Hey, if you were reading, you know there are only supposed to be ten items. This is the time to clear your kitchen counter tops. Clear counters suggest space; buyers don’t need to see the fondue set from your wedding that is adorning your counter.

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